Emergency Medical Assistants Licensing Branch

The Emergency Medical Assistants Licensing Branch provides administrative support to the Emergency Medical Assistants Licensing Board by:

  • reviewing  training programs;
  • administering examinations;
  • issuing and renewing licences;
  • ensuring continuing competence requirements are met;
  • managing complaint files; and
  • developing and implementing policy on behalf of the board.

The branch is the main contact for emergency medical assistants, employers or the public looking for information about licensing requirements, licence status, and complaints about emergency medical assistants.

The branch is led by the director, also referred to as the registrar. All branch staff are employees of the Ministry of Health, and branch funding is provided by the ministry.


As of April 24, 2019, 15,283 people held valid Emergency Medical Assistant licences in British Columbia.

Licensee Category Number of Licensees
Critical Care Paramedic 96
Advanced Care Paramedic 581
Infant Transport Team Paramedic 26
Primary Care Paramedic 4,204
Emergency Medical Responder 2,206
First Responder 8,170
Total Licensees 15,283


Legislation and Regulations

The Emergency Medical Assistants Licensing Board and the Emergency Medical Assistants Licensing Branch operate under the following legislation and regulations:

Section 11.1 of the Emergency Health Services Act relates to emergency medical assistants' obligations regarding advance directives. For more information, please read the EMA Special Bulletin (PDF, 525KB) on advance directives.

Other legislation and regulations that affect emergency medical assistant practice include: