Out-of-Province Applicants

In order to transfer to B.C. as an Emergency Medical Assistant (EMA), you must be licensed or registered as an EMA or equivalent in your current jurisdiction. The Emergency Medical Assistants Licensing Board does not accept applications from applicants transferring to B.C. based on training, employment and/or examinations only.

Canadian Applicants

If you hold a valid Emergency Medical Assistant licence in one or more province of Canada, you can get a licence in B.C.. The following links show which endorsements apply to each licence category:

Please Note: Not all licence levels will transfer to B.C. with all the endorsements listed in Schedule 2 of the Emergency Medical Assistants Regulation. Please see the endorsement/restriction section on the Training Programs for Students page for more information on how to get an endorsement.

Applying for a Licence in British Columbia

To apply for a licence in B.C., follow these steps:

  • Complete and electronically submit the Request for Evaluation form.
  • Submit a copy of your program certificate or transcript.
  • Complete Section A of the COPR Labour Mobility form (PDF, 288KB) for each province you are currently and/or previously registered in and send it to your regulating body(s). The regulating body(s) will complete Section B and send it directly to our office.
    • Ontario Applicants - Applicants that are not currently certified through a base hospital are not eligible for licensure in B.C.. The COPR labour mobility form must be completed by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.
  • Please ensure you review the Applicant Guide to the B.C. Jurisprudence Examination.

Once our office has received all of your documentation, you will be advised of your eligibility for licensing in B.C. and your exam requirements.

International Applicants

If you are licensed or registered outside of Canada and want to get an Emergency Medical Assistant licence in B.C., you must have your training and experience assessed.

Primary Care Paramedics (PCPs) and Advanced Care Paramedics (ACPs)

PCPs and ACPs are required to undergo a credentials assessment through the Canadian Organization of Paramedic Regulators (COPR). To begin the assessment process please go to the COPR website.

Emergency Medical Responders (EMRs) and Critical Care Paramedics (CCPs)

EMRs and CCPs should contact the Branch by email at getanexam@gov.bc.ca to receive information on the assessment process.

Once your assessment is complete, we will advise you of your eligibility for licensing in B.C. including any exam requirements and application requirements.

Note: There are fees associated with the licensing process when a written and/or practical exam is required.

Transferring from B.C.

To transfer from B.C. to another jurisdiction, you will need to verify your B.C. registration. The verification process is as follows:

  • Get the COPR Labour Mobility form from the jurisdiction you want to transfer to.
  • Complete Section A of the form and send by email to getalicense@gov.bc.ca.
    Note: You can mail the original to our office if the jurisdiction you want to transfer to requires an original.
  • Our office will fill out Section B of the COPR Labour Mobility form and then mail the form directly to the regulating body of that jurisdiction.

Useful Links

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