Continuing Competence

Last updated on April 3, 2024



Continuing Education

The Emergency Medical Assistants Regulation requires that all emergency medical assistants (EMAs), complete 20 continuing education credits and 20 patient contacts every year except:

  • First Responders
  • EMAs that held a student licence during the reporting period,
  • EMAs that were issued a new level of licence during the reporting period

This requirement is a term and condition of a licence and applies regardless of the EMA’s employer, status (medical leave or maternity/paternity leave), employment status, or residence inside or outside British Columbia

Failure to comply with the regulation may result in terms and conditions being imposed on your licence and may lead to a review by the Emergency Medical Assistants Licensing Board.

Reporting your Continuing Education Credits and Patient Contacts

All continuing education activities and patient contacts are reported using the Emergency Medical Assistants Continuing Competence System. For full instructions on how to use system, please see the EMACCS User Manual (PDF, 1.21MB).

There is only one way to submit your continuing competence information, and that is electronically using the EMA Continuing Competence System. This requirement is set out in Section 22 of the Emergency Medical Assistants Regulation.

The Emergency Medical Assistants Continuing Competence System uses a government IDIR or Basic BCeID to ensure that your access to the website is secure.


Assignment of Continuing Education Credits

Beginning April 1, 2023, for the 2023/2024 reporting period the Director will allocate up to one credit per hour for educational activities (to a maximum of 20 credits per activity) if the Director is satisfied that the activity is relevant to the knowledge, skill or abilities required of an EMA while practicing the profession. Some activities including but not limited to precepting/mentoring, instructing, and examining are subject to annual limits as defined in the approved activities list.

Please refer to policy EMALB 2023-01 or the Continuing Competence FAQ for more information.

Please Note: Exams that are assigned by the Board as disciplinary action following a hearing do not qualify for continuing education credits.

Training Institutions and Employers may apply to the branch to have training programs approved and added to the approved activities drop down list in EMACCS by completing the request for EMALB CME credits form.

Shortfall Notice and Adjudication

During May of each year, the Emergency Medical Assistants Licensing Branch will notify emergency medical assistants who have not met their continuing competence requirements. Those emergency medical assistants are said to be in shortfall and will receive a notice by email outlining the next steps.


If you have further credits and/or patient contacts, you have 37 days from the date on the shortfall letter to request adjudication through EMACCS or with the Request for Adjudication form (PDF, 264KB). You will receive an email with your results. If you are successful, no further information is required. If you are unsuccessful, you can either submit more information or you will be required to book a written exam.

Written Exam

If you are unsuccessful with your adjudication, you have one opportunity to successfully complete the written exam by July 15th to meet your requirements for the reporting period.

If you do not attempt the written exam by July 15th, the director will refer your file directly to the Emergency Medical Assistants Licensing Board for possible disciplinary action under Section 7(1)(b) of the Emergency Health Services Act.

Practical Exam

If you attempt the written exam and are unsuccessful, you will have up to three opportunities to successfully complete the practical exam by September 30th to meet your requirements for the reporting period in question and the reporting period in which the exam was taken.

If you are unsuccessful on your first attempt, terms and conditions limiting your practice may be imposed on your licence.

If you have not successfully completed the practical exam by September 30th, your file will then be referred to the board for review under Section 7(1)(b) of the Emergency Health Services Act.


Relevant Policy

EMALB 2023-01 Continuing Competence Requirements

EMALB 2023-02 Continuing Competence Reviews

EMALB 2023-03 CC Extenuating Circumstances Policy


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