Training Programs - For Students

Last updated on January 4, 2024

Training Program Recognition for Students

Applicants for an EMA Licence, must successfully complete a training program recognized by the Board before they are eligible to apply for a licence.

Please see the list of Board recognized Training Programs.

Endorsement Additions and Restriction Removals

In order to have an endorsement added to, or a restriction removed from your licence, successful completion of Board recognized training is required.

Please see the list of Board Recognized Training for Endorsement and Restriction Modules (updated January 4, 2024).

Please submit  your standalone certificate to to request the endorsement addition or restriction removal. You must include your full legal name and licence number in the request.

Student Licensing

Student licences are required for the practicum component of the Primary Care Paramedic, Advanced Care Paramedic, Critical Care Paramedic and Infant Transport Team programs.

Student licences include terms and conditions permitting practice of skills in real-life situations under the direct supervision of qualified instructors, preceptors and other approved clinical supervisors in the training environment.

Licensing Process

Important Information

  • One year licence term (can be extended for up to one additional year).
  • Fees are not required for short-term licences for students.
  • Student licences can be extended for up to 180 days at a time (total licence time cannot exceed 2 years)

The Emergency Medical Assistants Licensing Branch must receive the following documentation at least 14 days prior to the first clinical or practical placement start date.

Applicant’s Checklist

Applicants are responsible for the following:

Please note:

  • When a licensed emergency medical assistant is granted a student licence at a higher level, they can still perform all services listed in their previous level licence without supervision, while licensed as a student.
  • The student licence is no longer valid upon expiry, program completion or program withdrawal, at this time the branch will automatically reinstate the licence held prior to the student licence being issued.
  • Emergency medical assistants licensed as students are exempt from continuing competence requirements for the reporting period(s) the student licence is valid.

Training Agency Checklist

Training agencies are responsible for sending completed Licence for Student Request forms to the Emergency Medical Assistants Licensing Branch at the beginning of each class session or at least 14 days prior to when the licences are required. Forms can be emailed to

If an extension is required, the training agency can submit a Licence for Student Request form at least 14 days prior to requiring the licence (check the extension box on the form).