The EMA Licensing Branch has developed forms to streamline the process for licence applications, exam requests, contact information updates, first responder course results, out-of-province transfers, and continuing competence requirements.

Continuing Competence


Adjudication Request

EMAs in shortfall for continuing competence requirements should complete this form to request adjudication. Please make sure that you submit your supporting documentation along with the form.

General Forms


Licence Relinquishment

If you no longer wish to practice as an EMA, use this form to notify the EMA Licensing Branch that you wish to give up your licence.


Contact Information Change/Update

If you have changed your name or address or if you have employer information to add or update, please submit this form to notify the EMA Licensing Branch of these changes.


Request for Licence Extension

If you are unable to complete the licence renewal process prior to your licence expiring, use this form to request an extension of up to 60 days.


Complaint Registration Form

Anyone may make a complaint regarding the conduct or competence of a first responder or paramedic that is licensed in British Columbia.

Examinations and Course Results


Request for Evaluation

Use this form to request a written, practical and/or jurisprudence exam.


First Responder Course Results

You can use the first responder course results form to submit course results directly to the EMA Licensing Branch and your recognized training agency.


Practical Exam Cancellation Exemption Request

If you cancelled your practical exam with less than 14 days notice to the branch, use this form to request that the exam date not be counted as an attempt at the exam process by supplying the reasons you were unable to attend the scheduled exam.


Request for Practical Exam Review

You can request a review of your practical exam results by completing the request for practical exam review form.




Application for Initial Licence or Licence Reinstatement

Use this form to apply for an initial emergency medical assistant (EMA) licence or to reinstate a previous licence.


Application for Licence Renewal

Use this form to apply for an emergency medical assistant (EMA) licence renewal.


COPR Labour Mobility

All applicants that are authorized to practice outside of B.C. are required to complete a verification of registration form for each jurisdiction they are authorized to practice in. The applicant should complete part A of this form and the registering body should complete part B and submit to our office.


EMA Professional Experience Record

Out of province applicants are required to complete this form detailing experience and education as a Paramedic in other jurisdictions


IV Log

PCPs wishing can use the IV Start Log to document the required IV starts for their PCP licence.


Licence for Student Request

Authorized training agencies can use this form to notify the branch of upcoming class practicums and and on car sessions requiring student licences at the PCP, ACP, ITT, and CCP levels.



Training Recognition Application Package

Training Institutions applying for the board’s recognition for any training program are required to submit the training recognition application package to the branch for review and recommendation. Programs are initially recognized for a maximum of two years and program renewals for a maximum of five years.


Program Change Application

Training Institutions making any of the following changes to a program currently recognized by the EMA Licensing Board are required to submit the program change application: 

  • A significant (up to 25%) change to the medical content of a program. Changes in excess of 25% of total medical content require the submission of the entire Training Program Recognition Application. Change in intellectual property licensing agreement
  • Change in medical oversight
  • Change in training institution ownership
  • Change training institution location and/or course delivery mechanism
  • Change to subcontractor agreement(s)
  • Change in clinical placement or preceptorship agreement