Emergency Medical Assistants Licensing Board

The Emergency Medical Assistants Licensing Board is responsible for examining, registering and licensing all emergency medical assistants (EMAs) in B.C., including first responders.

The board, under the authority of the Emergency Health Services Act, sets licence terms and conditions. In addition, the board investigates complaints and conducts hearings where necessary.

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Please Note:  If you provide patient care as an EMA FR, EMR, PCP, ACP, CCP or ITT, you are considered a Health Care Worker (HCW), and this notice is intended for you.


COVID-19 Special Message from the Board and Registrar

Notice of Upcoming Hearings

There are currently no upcoming hearings.


Board Members



The board has three appointed members. By law the board must include a licensed EMA and a medical practitioner. The third member sits as the board chair and brings legal expertise.


A chair has not been appointed at this time.

Philip Yoon, MD, MBA, CCFP(EM), FCFP, Vice Chair

Dr. Yoon works as a staff emergency physician at the Royal Columbian and Eagle Ridge Hospitals and is a Clinical Professor within the Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of British Columbia. He moved to British Columbia in 2012 from Nova Scotia where he was a Professor in the Faculty of Medicine at Dalhousie University and the District Chief/Department Head of Emergency Medicine.

Prior to his move to the Maritimes in 2009, Dr. Yoon completed all of his medical training at the University of Alberta and was an academic emergency physician based at the University of Alberta Hospital for 13 years. He also served as the Associate Medical Director of Special Operations for Edmonton EMS. Throughout his medical career, Dr. Yoon has remained involved in emergency medicine/EMS operations, administration, education, and research. Additionally, he has maintained membership in the National Association of EMS Physicians (NAEMSP) since 2006.

He is also a Navy Reserve Medical Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces. Since February 2013, Phil has held the position of Medical Director of the EMS Physician Online Support (EPOS) service with the British Columbia Emergency Health Services (BCEHS).

Dr. Yoon was appointed to the Board November 8, 2012, and was reappointed in December of 2018 until December 31, 2020.

Grant Ross, Member

Grant Ross

Grant Ross is a career paramedic, working for the British Columbia Ambulance service since 1987. Starting as a Primary Care Paramedic in the Vancouver post, he obtained his Advanced Care Paramedic certification in 2006 and then completed his Critical Care/Flight Paramedic training in 2014. He is currently working at the Vancouver Airevac station. Throughout his career, Grant has contributed to the professional development of his peers as a preceptor, mentor and field trainer at all paramedic levels.

In addition to patient care delivery, for the last 25 years, Grant has volunteered for the Paramedic Association of Canada and the Ambulance Paramedics of BC writing, reviewing and revising the corporate bylaws. He is also the Chair of the Paramedic Association's Benevolent Committee. This committee is tasked with providing support to families of paramedics killed in the line of duty.

Grant is also the current President and founding Board member of the Canadian Paramedic Memorial Foundation, a registered charity seeking to build a national monument in Ottawa to showcase paramedicine and pay respect to fallen Canadian paramedics.

Grant was appointed to the board December 31, 2018, for a two-year term ending December 31, 2020.