Tri-Star Seafood Supply Ltd

Tri-Star Seafood Supply Ltd. (Tri-Star) is a seafood export business that takes pride in promoting premium B.C. seafood products around the world.

Tri-Star Seafood Supply Ltd image 2017

The company specializes in exporting a wide variety of B.C. seafood products from their facility near the Vancouver airport, ensuring products arrive safely, on time and in premium condition. Tri-Star’s export offerings include: live seafood, such as dungeness crab, spot prawn, and manila clam; fresh seafood, such as shell oyster, seasonal fish, scallop meat and uni; frozen seafood, such as geoduck clam, whole-cooked dungeness crab, and sea cucumber; and many more. Tri-Star not only complies with food safety and handling requirements, but also embraces multiple quality assurance programs and standards, both locally and globally. These include Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) standards, European Union Certified and China Certified.

Established in Richmond in 1979, Tri-Star is a family-owned operation. It has grown from a local wholesaler to an international seafood provider, with a team that is dedicated to quality and service excellence. The company continuously researches and practices new methods for harvesting, while engaging with other agencies and seafood partners to share best practices to ensure service and quality excellence. The company believes in helping the communities it serves through volunteerism and donations to organizations such as the Western Canada Seafood Merchant Processors Association, the BC Cancer Society and the Happy Life Network Association. Tri-Star is a participant in the seafood sustainability efforts of the Ocean Wise program.