Calkins & Burke

Calkins and Burke Ltd. is a family-owned food service provider with over 100 years of experience supplying customers around the world.

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The company specializes in seafood products sourced from the pure waters of the North East Pacific lakes and streams, which are then processed in B.C. and shipped around the world. Key seafood products include Wild and Farmed B.C. Salmon, Halibut, Black Cod, Bottom Fish, Prawns, Herring and Tuna, available in a variety of preparations, including Live, Fresh, Frozen, Canned, Dried, Cured and Smoked.

Customers can rest assured of product safety, as Calkins and Burke employs accredited quality inspectors to ensure they are adhering to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s (CFIA) Quality Management Program (QMP) requirements, as well as those of the Global Food Safety Initiative.

Calkins and Burke was established in 1914, in Vancouver, when owner C.A. Calkins saw the potential in pioneering trade with the Pacific Rim. Over many decades he built a strong reputation for innovation and integrity in the international food industry. Today, the third generation of the Calkins family guides their management team for the Calkins group of companies headquartered in Vancouver.

The company maintains a commitment to sustainability through auditing by a wide range of certified organizations, as well as by offering organic and Fair Trade Certified products. Calkins and Burke also offers Ocean Wise and Seafood Watch "green" ranked seafood products.