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Premium Food Sales Ltd. (PFS) is a seafood exporter specializing in B.C. Sea Cucumber.

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B.C. sea cucumber (parastichopus californicus) is a very unique species consisting of two parts; a firm outer skin and a thick inner muscle with five tendons, often referred to as the sea cucumber meat. PFS processes these parts and sells them as separate export products. sea cucumber meat is packaged and then frozen immediately, and is often used in hot pot dishes and congees. The sea cucumber skin is cooked and salted to extract the water, until it reaches a semi-dried stage. This semi-dried skin is often used in Chinese style soups and appetizers, after being rehydrated back to its normal size.

In Chinese culture, sea cucumber is called the “ginseng of the sea.” It is low in cholesterol and high in nutritional value, containing all essential fatty acids. PFS ensures product safety through monthly reviews of their food safety process, only using ingredients and materials approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), and following the CFIA’s processing guidelines.

PFS was established in 1990 in Richmond. When they began, demand for B.C. sea cucumber was low, as the larger muscles made it unappealing to Chinese markets if the traditional way of processing was used. PFS made the product more appealing by separating the meat from the skin and hiring local cooks to design recipes to promote these new products. The company maintains a commitment to sustainability by only harvesting B.C. sea cucumbers within the government-designated quotas that ensure a stable ecosystem. PFS also supports local First Nations communities through donations and by creating employment opportunities.