Paladin International Food Sales

Paladin International Food Sales Ltd. (Paladin) is a processor and exporter of premium B.C. sea urchin roe products.

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The company’s key export offering is red sea urchin roe, commonly known as “uni”, harvested from the clean, cold Pacific waters off B.C.’s coast. They are the largest sea urchins in the world and found only along the rocky sub-tidal Pacific shores of North America. Although the species is known as red sea urchin, its beautiful colour ranges from pink to dark purple. Inside it hides delicious yellow and orange roe that provide high nutritional value, including Omega-3 fatty acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids, protein, minerals (such as zinc) and vitamins. With a sweet and rich flavour, this product is often used in sashimi plates, sushi and other high-end Japanese cuisine. Product safety is ensured by following the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s (CFIA) processing guidelines, supported by monthly reviews of their food safety process.

Established in Richmond in 1990, Paladin started as a small family business. At the time, Japan was the only market with high demand for premium uni products. Paladin’s founders travelled to Japan to promote the product and learned of the specialized processing methods preferred by Japanese customers. They responded by sending staff to Japan to learn this method and hiring a Japanese expert to monitor their process in Canada.

Paladin ensures they only source sea urchin products that adhere to sustainable fishing quotas, has implemented an internal recycling program, and sends their shells to a facility that recycles them into topsoil. The company gives back by supporting local First Nations communities and programs.