Best Honour International Seafood

Best Honour International Seafood Ltd. (Best Honour) is an exporter of premium B.C. geoduck, a type of giant clam native to the west coast.

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Best Honour’s products are sourced directly from local fishermen. While the Geoduck Clam — or mirugai, as it is known in Japan — can be found off the shores of Mexico and in the icy waters of Alaska, British Columbia is known for providing the highest quality geoduck. All product is sustainably harvested off the coast of British Columbia by professional divers, and then shipped directly to Best Honour for distribution. This healthy protein is perceived to have aphrodisiac qualities by a number of Asian cultures. With a well-equipped facility, proficiently trained staff, and a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) program, Best Honour ensures that all products are safe and of the highest quality.

Established in Richmond in 1995, Best Honour began as a small-scale operation but have since grown to be one of the top exporters of geoduck clam in Canada. The company currently exports over 1.5 million pounds of geoduck annually to international markets.

All of Best Honour’s geoduck is caught based on a quota system so that there is no overfishing and to enable future generations to enjoy the things we can today.