Northern Divine Aquaculture

Last updated on October 31, 2019

Northern Divine Aquaculture Ltd. (NDA) is North America’s first and only certified organic caviar farm.

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The company offers four key products for export: northern divine certified organic sturgeon caviar, that has a buttery, nutty taste with a hint of salt; fresh sturgeon, which is mild, dense, boneless and versatile; canned hot smoked sturgeon, with a lightly smoky flavour and no added water; and certified organic fertilized female monosex coho salmon eggs. All NDA products are rich in Omega-3s and a valuable source of vitamins. Three decades of selective breeding has produced a strain of coho salmon optimized for growth rate, disease resistance, flesh colour and body conformation. Product safety is guaranteed using a Quality Management Program.

Based in Sechelt, this small, locally-owned, land-based farm began raising Fraser River sturgeon that are native to the province in 1999. These sturgeon have inhabited local waters for millions of years, were a major part of the Cree diet, and have been served in restaurants in Vancouver’s Chinatown since the 1930s. The NDA team is comprised of Canadian professionals with degrees in Biology, Engineering and Science, with combined experience in aquaculture. The owners have owned and operated hatchery businesses on the coast for more than 30 years and remain residents of the Sunshine Coast.

To create their sustainable seafood products, NDA uses certified organic feed, bi-catch practices, water re-circulation systems and a state-of-the-art processing facility located at the edge of the wilderness on the shores of the Sechelt Inlet. NDA’s products have been recognized for their sustainable production with Ocean Wise and SeaChoice Best Choice ratings. Their caviar has also been acknowledged as one of the top sustainable caviars in the world. General Manager Justin Henry also sits on various boards such as the Land Based Aquaculture Association of Western Canada, where he works to raise awareness about aquaculture and organic seafood.