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Last updated on July 9, 2024

This page links to important information for pharmacists about the PharmaCare program and policies.

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PharmaCare drug list (formulary)

The online PharmaCare formulary search tool gives information on:

  • Which drugs PharmaCare covers, under which plans
  • The maximum cost that PharmaCare covers
  • Special Authority requirements, and more

The search tool searches all the drugs that PharmaCare covers (benefits) and the ones PharmaCare has reviewed and decided not to cover (non-benefits). Click on the drug's DIN in the left column of your search results for coverage details. Watch the short video linked below for a primer on using the formulary search tool.

First Nations Health Benefits (Plan W) over-the-counter drug lists:

Easy-reference drug lists (for complete list, use the formulary search):

How to search the PharmaCare drug list.

A PharmaCare Got a Minute Video


Special Authority (SA)

SA approval may be granted for full coverage of a drug or medical supply or device that is otherwise partially covered or not covered.

For the public:

Patients can track their own SA requests online in Health Gateway.

Pharmacist-initiated SA requests

Pharmacists may request SA coverage when:

In addition to the examples above, pharmacists can assist with requests for medication coverage where the pharmacist is not the prescriber.

A pharmacist in B.C. can collaborate with a medication prescriber to create a SA draft in eForms for the prescriber to sign off and submit. For fax submissions, the SA draft must be reviewed, cosigned and submitted by the prescriber. All correspondence must be between the prescribers’ office and PharmaCare (no intermediaries).

Further information on eForms and how to use draft eForms is available at Special Authority eForms


HIBC/PharmaCare Help Desk

Prescriber IDs, SA approvals, benefit status, and blood glucose certificate status are available 24/7.

  • Lower Mainland: 604-682-7120
  • Elsewhere in B.C., toll-free: 1-800-554-0225

Choose self-service and, when prompted, enter your College of Pharmacists ID and press #.

  • For prescriber ID: press 1, enter practitioner MSP billing number and press #
  • For SA information: press 2, enter patient PHN and press #
  • For benefit status: press 3, enter DIN and press #
  • For blood glucose certificate: press 4, enter patient PHN and press #

For more, see Help Desk self service options.