Ukrainian (CUAET) arrivals

Last updated: September 25 2023

People arriving in B.C. via the Canada-Ukraine authorization for emergency travel (CUAET) program are covered by Plan C for one year as soon as they enrol in MSP.

Before they are enrolled in MSP, prescribers and pharmacists can help CUAET arrivals get emergency coverage for first dispenses.

If you are a newly arrived Ukrainian, go to Ukrainian (CUAET) arrivals and BC PharmaCare to learn about drug coverage.

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Plan C coverage for first year

As soon as CUAET arrivals are enrolled in the BC Medical Services Plan (MSP), they are automatically covered by Plan C (Income Assistance) for one year.

For CUAET arrivals who enrolled in MSP between March 2022 and September 22, 2022, the start date of the one year coverage is September 23, 2022 or October 4, 2022.

CUAET arrivals should be encouraged to register for Fair PharmaCare to ensure they have PharmaCare coverage when their one year of Plan C coverage ends.

Emergency coverage of first dispenses

PharmaCare is offering CUAET arrivals fully covered first dispenses of any urgently needed medications. Patients do not need to be enrolled in MSP. Coverage is activated for 48 hours.

  1. The prescriber, who must be authorized and registered in Canada, completes the form HLTH 5408 - Emergency BC PharmaCare Coverage for Ukrainian Arrivals (PDF, 1MB) then gives the form to the patient.
  2. The patient presents the form at a pharmacy.
  3. The pharmacist creates a PHN, if needed, and calls HIBC to activate coverage.

Full instructions for prescribers and for pharmacies are provided below.

Instructions for prescribers

Important: To offer patients the best coverage, prescribe generic versions of medications. Emergency coverage is for medications in PharmaCare’s Plan C formulary (most PharmaCare benefits are covered by Plan C). To see if a drug is covered under Plan C, look it up in the PharmaCare Formulary Search and click on the number in the DIN/PIN/NPN column.

Instructions for pharmacies

When a CUAET arrival provides the form Emergency BC PharmaCare Coverage for Ukrainian Arrivals (PDF, 1MB) along with a prescription:

  1. Assign them a PHN using the full name on the patient’s immigration document, unless they have already been assigned a PHN from MSP. See Section 3.3 of the PharmaCare Policy Manual for instructions.
  2. Call HIBC’s PharmaNet Help Desk at 1-800-554-0225
  3. Advise HIBC that you have received the Emergency PharmaCare Coverage for Ukrainian Arrivals form and provide the new pharmacy-created PHN.
  4. HIBC will record the patient details and apply 48 hours of emergency Plan C coverage for the patient.
  5. Fill the prescription. If needed, adapt prescriptions to align with the Plan C formulary to avoid out-of-pocket costs. Any such adaptations are eligible for PharmaCare clinical service fees.
  6. Retain the form in your records with the associated prescriptions.