Service BC Location: Mackenzie

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Service BC is unable to provide access to or assistance with Service Canada programs.

  • You are encouraged to use self-serve options to access Service Canada programs and services online, and to avoid calling Service Canada if your request is not urgent. 
  • If you would like to be contacted by Service Canada please complete this form.

Specific Core Services Available at this Location:

Services that do not require an in-person visit have been identified as Online.

  • Affordable Child Care Benefit – Online
  • Ambulance Service Fee Payments – Online
  • BC Hydro
    • Community Crisis Fund – Online
  • BC Online (Government Services Online) – Online
  • BC Services Card
    • Identity Verification – Online
    • Passcode Issuance – Online
  • BC Transplant Registration – Online
  • BC Vital Statistics Services – Marriage Licence Issuance in office only;
    • BC Birth Certificate – Online
    • BC Marriage Certificate – Online
    • BC Death Certificate – Online
  • BCeID (ID for Online Government Services) – Online
  • Commissioner for Taking Affidavits (limited authority)  
  • Corporate Registry Services
    • BC Business Registration (OneStop) – Online
    • BC Corporations – Online
    • BC Cooperatives – Online
    • BC Societies – Online
  • Court Registry Services – Online
  • Income and Disability Assistance Service
  • Manufactured Home Searches, Relocation Permits and Initial Registrations
  • Medical Services Plan/Health Insurance BC – Online
  • Residential Tenancy Forms and Application Submission – Online
  • Rural Property Tax Services

Other Government Services Available Online:

Service Service Description

Address Change BC 


Change your address online.

BC Hydro Payments 


Pay a BC Hydro bill.

Driving Record/Abstract


Get your driving record/abstract.

Freshwater Angling/Fishing


Purchase a BC freshwater angling licence.

Hunting Licences


Purchase a BC hunting licence and tags, apply for limited entry hunt (LEH) draws.

Liquor Licensing


Liquor licensing and permits.

Motor Vehicle Traffic Fine Payments


Pay or dispute a traffic ticket.

ICBC collects fines on behalf of the provincial government for violation tickets issued under any provincial statute included in the Offence Act. These include traffic violations and any wildlife violations issued by a conservation officer.  

  • Call ICBC to pay:
  • Get ready: Have your violation ticket, driver’s licence and credit card number ready
  • ICBC accepts Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.