Authorization to sell or use pesticides

An authorization may be required to:

  • Sell pesticides
  • Apply pesticides to public or private land
  • Apply pesticides as a service
  • Use for specified industrial uses or water

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Authorization types

There are 4 types of authorizations under the Integrated Pest Management Act and the Integrated Pest Management Regulation:

  • Certificates are issued to individual pesticide applicators
  • For businesses that have certified pesticide applicators:
    • Licences
    • Confirmations
    • Permits

Before using any pesticides:

Apply for a pesticide licence

Before you apply, first confirm that you need a licence:

Application requirements

To apply for a pesticide licence, you need:

Application options

There are 2 options to apply for your licence.

In person


Amending a licence

If you make changes to your licence information after it's issued:

Apply for a pesticide use confirmation

In general, confirmations are necessary for large-scale industrial operations:

To apply for a pesticide use confirmation, you must first:

  • Prepare a Pest Management Plan (PMP)
  • Consult with the public on the PMP
  • Conduct Indigenous engagement on the PMP

Resources for applying for a pesticide use confirmation:

Once your PMP is complete, you can apply for your confirmation:

Apply for a pesticide permit

Certain pesticide uses require a permit instead of a confirmation or a licence:

Resources for applying for a pesticide use permit:

When you're ready to apply for a pesticide use permit, submit the Pesticide Use Permit Application Form (PDF, 435KB).