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This page lets you to download forms relating to births, adoption, marriage, death, legal changes of name, and genealogy. You can also order birth certificates, marriage certificates and death certificates.

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Download Forms

Most of the forms on this page are fillable, which means you can type your information directly onto the form before printing it. To complete and submit your form, please follow the steps below:

  1. Download a form by clicking on its title. You need Adobe Reader to fill out the form. If you do not already have Reader, you can download it free from the Adobe website.
  2. Print: Check your form for spelling errors and missed fields before printing it. This helps us process your application more easily and gives you quicker service.
  3. Submit your application with the appropriate fee. 

Note: These forms are for British Columbia vital events only.


VSA 430B

Apply for a new or replacement birth certificate or a certified copy of a birth registration.

VSA 434D

Apply for a certificate listing their adult child’s birth particulars like a birth certificate, but that, unlike a birth certificate, cannot be used as identification.

VSA 404B

If your child was born in B.C. without the assistance of a medical practitioner, nurse practitioner, or registered midwife, provide the items on this checklist.

VSA 410B

Cancel birth certificates that have been lost or stolen.

VSA 413

Apply for the birth certificate of a person who was born in B.C. but is now deceased.

VSA 796

Court order to add the father’s name and particulars to a child’s birth registration.

VSA 411

Amend your own or your child’s given name(s) when you have proof that the name was used prior to the 12th birthday.

VSA 412B

Correct mistakes made when completing a birth registration. Evidence is required to support the change.

VSA 409

Register the birth for a child born in B.C. over a year previously, and for whom Vital Statistics did not receive a Notice of Birth.

VSA 509A

Submit this form if you are an adult or minor aged 12 years and over wanting to change the gender designation on your B.C. birth certificate.

VSA 509C

Submit this form with VSA 510P if you are a minor aged under 12 years who wants to change the gender designation on your B.C. birth certificate.

VSA 510P

A physician or psychologist fills out this form in support of minors aged under 12 years born in B.C. who want to change the gender designation on their birth certificate.



VSA 433

When an adoption is granted by the Supreme Court of B.C., the Supreme Court Registry uses this form to notify Vital Statistics of the adopted person’s identification details.

VSA 630

Persons adopted in B.C. who are 19 years of age or older and their biological parents can use this form to access the adoption record.

VSA 631

Birth parents of a person adopted in B.C., or an adopted person 18 years of age or older who does not want the other party to make contact.

VSA 632

An adoptee or birth parent of an adoptee that is 18 or over and adopted before November 1996 can use this form to prevent Vital Statistics from identifying them if the adoption order information is requested.

VSA 633

Cancel a disclosure veto or no-contact declaration that you filed with Vital Statistics.

VSA 634 

Vital Statistics will notify you that you need to complete this declaration if you request access to an adoption record with which a disclosure veto or no-contact declaration has been filed.



VSA 430M

Apply for a marriage certificate or registration photocopy for a marriage that took place in B.C.

VSA 715

You are the parents or guardians of a person under 19 who requires your consent to marry in B.C.

VSA 412M

Correct the information on your marriage registration.



VSA 430D

Apply for a death certificate or certified copy of a death registration for a person who died in B.C.

VSA 413

Apply for the birth certificate of a person who was born in B.C. but is now deceased.

VSA 412D

Correct errors on the death registration of a person who died in B.C.


Apply for a certificate commemorating the stillbirth of a child.

Note - Stillbirth is the death of an unborn child after 20 weeks' pregnancy or after the fetus attains a weight of 500 g.

VSA 531

You have made a will or have changed the location where you store your will and want a record of its location registered with Vital Statistics.

VSA 532

Find out whether a deceased person filed a Wills Notice with Vital Statistics indicating the location of their will.


Legal Change of Name

Before beginning your change of name application, contact your local RCMP, police department or accredited fingerprinting agency to ask if fingerprinting and criminal record check services are available at this time.

VSA 529_adult

Adults (19+) applying for a legal change of name without a child

Adults applying without children can apply and pay online with a credit card. This option provides a customized checklist of the documents you need to submit by mail or in person to complete the application requirements.  Apply online

VSA 529

Change your legal name AND/OR the legal name of your child.

VSA 430N

Apply for a certificate documenting a legal change of name completed by you in B.C.

NOTE: Certificates are available for legal name changes only and not for name changes due to using a spouse’s surname after marriage. If taking your spouse’s surname, in most cases, changing your name on bank accounts, social insurance number, driver's license, and other agencies is as simple as showing your current identification and your marriage certificate.

VSA 512

The B.C. Supreme Court registry uses this form to notify Vital Statistics of court-ordered legal changes of name.



VSA 013

Genealogical research to order copies of your own birth or marriage registration, or an ancestor’s birth, marriage or death registration.

VSA 430G

Request that Vital Statistics search B.C. marriage records from your 15th birthday until the current date and provide a certificate stating the search results.

VSA 797

Request a copy of a birth record that is listed on the BC Archives website index but that is NOT currently available on microfilm.

VSA 797D

Request a copy of a death record that is listed on the BC Archives website index but that is not currently available on microfilm.

VSA 798

Request a copy of a marriage record that is listed on the BC Archives website index but that is not currently available on microfilm.



VSA 607 

If Vital Statistics requests that you submit a statutory declaration with an application, fill out this form.


Order Certificates


Ordering online with a credit card is the quickest and simplest way to order documents. You can apply for birth, marriage, and death certificates. Register the birth of your child or the location of your will. Pay using a Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit card.

Note: Before applying for a certificate or certified copy of a registration to support an application such as Passport, or Driver’s License, check with that organization to ensure you obtain the correct document. For instance, Passport Canada requires parents to provide a birth certificate listing the parents’ names of children aged 15 years or younger.

By Mail

You can fill out and print applications for certificates if you prefer to apply by mail and pay with a money order, cheque, or credit card information. Mail applications to:

Vital Statistics Agency
Victoria BC V8W 9P3

In Person

Visit at any Service BC counter to get forms and to submit them.

Processing Times & Delivery

All certificates are printed in Victoria, and are delivered by mail or courier depending upon your request. The information below is a guide only. Missing or incorrect information will delay processing times.

Due to COVID–19, Canada Post couriers are not delivering packages that require signatures directly to your door. Instead, a notice card will be left for pick-up at the postal outlet stated. Photo ID is required for pick-up of your package.

Regular service with mail delivery:

  • Certificates – Print in 2-5 business days, plus mail delivery time
  • Certified photocopies or extracts - Print within 20 business days, plus mail delivery time

Courier delivery:

Certificates, certified photocopies, and certified extracts print on the business day following the day that we receive your request. The cost for couriered items is $60.

Courier service is provided by Canada Post Priority service.

  • There is no delivery on weekends or holidays
  • All courier deliveries require a signature for receipt. If a signature cannot be obtained, a Delivery Notice is left with instructions for pickup at your local post office
  • The applicant must show identification before the post office will release the document
  • Delivery will not be attempted to the following residence types. Instead, a Delivery Notice is left
    • Apartment complexes
    • Homes using Super Box Mailboxes
    • Basement suites

Fee Schedule

Birth, Death, Marriage, or Change of Name Certificate

• Certificate delivered by regular mail
• Certificate delivered by Canada Post Priority Courier



Certified Registration Copy or Extract

• Certified copy or extract delivered by regular mail
• Certified copy or extract delivered by Canada Post Priority Courier


Genealogy Certified Registration Copy and/or extended Search $50.00
Commemorative Birth Certificate $50.00
Marriage Licence (Includes large marriage certificate delivered to the couple after the marriage is registered.) $100.00

Civil Marriage (includes G.S.T. charge of $3.75)

• See Marriage Commissioner Fees for details about additional fees that marriage commissioners may charge for time, travel, parking, and ferry costs.




Change of Name (includes one large certificate)

• Each additional individual under 19 years of age included on an adult application


Search of Records - each three-year period $27.00
Registration changes/corrections (new certificate not included) $27.00
Wills Notice - Register, Change or Revoke $17.00

Wills Search (includes search of one name and mail delivery)

• Search of Alias Names (cost per alias)
• Courier Delivery (added to cost of Wills Search application)
• BC Online Handling Fee for Will (subject to G.S.T.)




Witnessing signatures and/or certifying documents for Vital Statistics applications $17.00
Cheques returned for non-sufficient funds (NSF) $30.00