After a Death: What to Do When Someone Dies

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Find out what to do when someone dies in British Columbia. When someone dies, you will make decisions about what to do next. Find out the first steps, discover support options and learn about funerals and wills. While each situation is different, these pages guide you in the right direction.

First Steps

Find out the first things to do when someone dies. Learn who you need to contact, how to honour someone’s wishes and how to get help. Get an understanding of the decisions you will make.

Get Support

Access emotional, financial and legal support resources. Find resources for Indigenous Peoples and support for Veterans. If you are having a hard time, there are people who can help.

Plan a Funeral or Memorial

Find a funeral home and learn what they can do. Learn about different memorial options in British Columbia and discover how to plan a funeral or memorial.

Manage Wills & Estates

Learn how to find a will and how to carry out the will. If there’s no will, see what to do.

Who to Notify

Learn why it’s important to cancel services for the person who died. Find out who to notify and how to notify them. Print the After a Death Checklist (PDF, 3.8MB) to help you stay organized.

Common Definitions & Terms

Discover the meaning of some words or phrases that are used when we talk about death.