Changes to a Birth Registration

Last updated on April 27, 2018

Once you have submitted a birth registration, any mistakes you have made become part of the legal record of birth. It is possible to correct the error by requesting that Vital Statistics amend the record.

To request a change to a birth registration, follow the five steps below:

  1. Fill out the Correction of Error or Omission in Birth Registration (VSA 412B) form (PDF, 904KB) EXCEPT for the last section entitled "Declaration", which you will complete in step 3.

If you do not have a printer, you can get this form at a Service BC office.

  1. Gather original government-issued documents to support your request. Examples include:
    • Birth certificate
    • Canadian permanent resident card
    • Canadian citizenship papers/card
    • Landed immigrant papers (not acceptable if issued for travel purposes only)
  2. Take the application form and original documents to an authorized person (i.e. notary public, lawyer, or Service BC agent.) This person will do two things for you:
    1. Witness your signature(s) on the "Declaration" section, and then sign and stamp the form with an official stamp.
    2. Create certified copies of each page of your document(s), and stamp and sign the copies to certify them as copies of the original documents. Vital Statistics cannot accept your evidence unless it is certified.
  3. Include payment for the requested change, and any new certificates you order.
Requested Change Payment Cost
  • Change to the registration
  • Certificates
$27.00 each
  • Registration photocopies
$50.00 each

Note: We cannot issue new certificates until we receive all certificates issued prior to the change.

  1. Submit all items from the steps above in person at any Service BC counter, or by mail to the Vital Statistics Agency.

Adding a Father's Information

The steps involved in adding a father’s information to a birth registration can vary with circumstances. Contact us by phone or by email for help before submitting your application.