Transport License Application Process

The following steps must be completed in order to apply for a Hazardous Waste Transport Licence.

Application Package

Use the following information and resources to successfully complete the application process:

Submit the completed application package and all supporting documents by mail or courier to the addresses on the right.

Application Requirements

Some required items that must be submitted with the application include:

  • Registration and insurance documents indicating that each vehicle and trailer is owned or leased by the applicant, and carries a minimum of $5,000,000 third party legal liability insurance that covers hazardous waste.
    • In the case of large companies, a dated fleet list must be submitted, along with verification of $5,000,000 third party legal liability insurance
  • Financial security ($10,000 CAD) in the form of an irrevocable letter of Guarantee/Credit or a surety bond. All carriers, with the exception of those who transport used batteries only, must include the security.
  • A nonrefundable licence fee of $500 for a new licence or $200 for the renewal of a valid licence. All carriers, with the exception of those who transport used batteries only, must include the licence fee, paid in full prior to the licence being issued.
  • Consignee waste acceptance confirmation letter(s) including an authorization number (permit or other) and the special waste that each consignee is authorized to accept
  • A list of known or proposed consignors
  • Proof of company registration (i.e. Certificate of Registration) with B.C. Corporate Registry

Resources for Financial Security

Contingency Plan

A contingency plan for spills of the waste transported under the licence must be included with each application.

The contingency plan will outline potential risks to the environment by the waste to be transported; emergency procedures that will be used to mitigate those risks; responsibilities, available equipment, and emergency contacts and phone numbers. The plan should be prepared according to the guidelines and outline showed below:

Transport Licence Knowledge Test

After submitting a completed application form, applicants can arrange to take the Hazardous Waste Transport Licence Knowledge test. The test is designed to evaluate an applicant's knowledge of the legal requirements under the Environmental Management Act, the Hazardous Waste Regulation, the Spill Reporting Regulation, and if applicable, any other specific transportation aspect of certain waste.

The validity of the licence also relies on the presence of a company representative (owner or employee) having taken and passed the test. As soon as the carrier knows that the employee who passed the test will leave or if that employee is no longer an employee of the carrier, the licensee must ensure that the company representative takes and passes the test.

The Instructions for Taking the Hazardous Waste Transport Licence Knowledge Test (PDF) provides answers to the following questions:

  • Who must take the test?
  • When and where the test can be taken?
  • How to book for a test
  • Which test to take?
  • How long is the test?
  • What to bring to the test room?
  • What and how to study? With a list of resources or study material
  • What are the questions like?
  • Results and next steps


The renewal notification letter is normally sent six weeks before the expiry date of a licence. Licences are processed on a “first-come; first-served” basis. Renewal reminders are sent to carriers who have current valid licences. It is the responsibility of the carrier to renew their licence if they wish to continue transporting hazardous waste in B.C. 

Carriers that have not received their renewed licence, in writing, before their current licence's expiry date are not authorized to transport hazardous waste in B.C. until they receive their renewed licence. 

The processing time for a renewal application is approximately three weeks. Applications that are submitted without sufficient information or supporting documents, and/or those that require additional follow up will take longer to be processed.

Non-refundable renewal application fee: $200 CAD, except for “waste battery only” licences. Payment must be made by cheque in Canadian currency, payable to the “Minister of Finance”.

Grace period for the licence renewal fee: if a renewal application is received by the Ministry within 30 days after the licence expiry date, the application will be processed as a “renewal” and the fee is $200 CAD. However, after 30 days, the application will be processed as a “new” licence and the fee is $500 CAD.

If you haven't received your renewal notice and application form, you can use the online form to renew:


  1. Read the letter and the questions in the renewal application
  2. Answer all of the questions. Don't put a tick or cross (X) in the carrier'rs response fields, answer with “Yes”, “No” and/or provide the information requested. Incomplete answers will result in processing delays.
  3. Ensure that a person with signing authority for the licensee signs and legibly completes the certification statement.
  4. Ensure that you have enclosed:
    1. the completed and signed application form
    2. the appropriate application fee, if any
    3. any/all supporting documents (such as vehicle insurance and registration, financial security, updated vehicle fleet, updated list of consignors, updated consignee’s letters, etc.), as applicable
  5. Mail or courier the application package to the appropriate address on the right of this page.

Other Type of Application