Supports for Interior Forestry Workers

Forest workers, contractors and communities impacted by mill closures and shift reductions in B.C. Interior can now access supports and resources available through the forest workers support program.

The Retirement Bridging Program


The retirement bridging program supports forestry workers 55 years or older to transition to retirement. 

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The Job Placement Program


Job placement coordination offices are open in five interior communities hardest hit by mill closures: 100 Mile House; Fort St. James; Fort St. John; Mackenzie; and Clearwater. These offices have dedicated people ready to support forestry workers in their communities.

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Skills Training For Employment Program for Impacted Workers

This program provides access to skills training and employment supports to assist British Columbians living in communities impacted by mill closures and shift reductions in achieving sustainable employment.

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Supports for businesses, contractors and local government

Skills Training Grants for employers and communities


Funding streams are now open and being established for communities or sectors working to address the skills training needs of those impacted by mill closures or curtailments. 

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Short Term Forest Employment Program


The forest employment program works with impacted contractors in B.C.'s interior to bid on short-term employment opportunity projects near communities directly impacted by a permanent or indefinite mill closure.

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Community Support Grants Program


The Community Support Grant Program provides short-term funding to support Interior BC communities that have been impacted a permanent or indefinite mill closure or shift reduction.

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