Statutory holidays

Employees get paid for statutory holidays if they qualify

Statutory Holidays in British Columbia

Easter Sunday, Easter Monday and Boxing Day are not statutory holidays in B.C.

New Year's Day Wednesday, January 1
Family Day Monday, February 17
Good Friday Friday, April 10
Victoria Day Monday, May 18
Canada Day Wednesday, July 1
B.C. Day Monday, August 3
Labour Day Monday, September 7
Thanksgiving Day Monday, October 12
Remembrance Day Wednesday, November 11
Christmas Day Friday, December 25
New Year's Day Friday, January 1
Family Day Monday, February 15
Good Friday Friday, April 2
Victoria Day Monday, May 24
Canada Day Thursday, July 1
B.C. Day Monday, August 2
Labour Day Monday, September 6
Thanksgiving Day Monday, October 11
Remembrance Day Thursday, November 11
Christmas Day Saturday, December 25
New Year's Day Tuesday, January 1
Family Day Monday, February 18
Good Friday Friday, April 19
Victoria Day Monday, May 20
Canada Day Monday, July 1
B.C. Day Monday, August 5
Labour Day Monday, September 2
Thanksgiving Day Monday, October 14
Remembrance Day Monday, November 11
Christmas Day Wednesday, December 25
New Year's Day Monday, January 1
Family Day Monday, February 12
Good Friday Friday, March 30
Victoria Day Monday, May 21
Canada Day Monday, July 2
B.C. Day Monday, August 6
Labour Day Monday, September 3
Thanksgiving Day Monday, October 8
Remembrance Day Sunday, November 11
Christmas Day Tuesday, December 25


Get statutory holiday pay

Dig deeper. Find out if you qualify for statutory holiday pay by answering a series of questions about your specific work situation.

Calculate statutory holiday pay. Statutory holiday pay is equal to an average day's pay. Employees are paid statutory holiday pay if they work or take the day off.

Substitute a different day

Employers and employees may agree (in writing) to substitute another day for a statutory holiday. The substitute day must be treated the same as a statutory holiday