Service BC Location: Burns Lake

Specific Core Services Available at this Location:

Services that do not require an in-person visit have been identified as Online.

  • Affordable Child Care Benefit – Online
  • Ambulance Service Fee Payments – Online
  • BC Hydro
    • Community Crisis Fund – Online
  • BC Online (Government Services Online) – Online
  • BC Services Card
    • Identity Verification – Online
    • Passcode Issuance – Online
  • BC Transplant Registration – Online
  • BC Vital Statistics Services – Marriage Licence Issuance in office only;
    • BC Birth Certificate – Online
    • BC Marriage Certificate – Online
    • BC Death Certificate – Online
  • BCeID (ID for Online Government Services) – Online
  • Commissioner for Taking Affidavits (limited authority)  
  • Corporate Registry Services
    • BC Business Registration (OneStop) – Online
    • BC Corporations – Online
    • BC Cooperatives – Online
    • BC Societies – Online
  • Court Registry Services – Online
  • Manufactured Home Searches, Relocation Permits and Initial Registrations
  • Medical Services Plan/Health Insurance BC – Online
  • Income and Disability Assistance Services
  • Residential Tenancy Forms and Application Submission – Online
  • Rural Property Tax Services

Other Government Services Available Online:

Service Service Description

Address Change BC 


Change your address online.

BC Hydro Payments 


Pay a BC Hydro bill.

Freshwater Angling/Fishing


Purchase a BC freshwater angling licence 

Hunting Licences


Purchase a BC hunting licence and tags, apply for limited entry hunt (LEH) draws.

Liquor Licensing


Liquor licensing and permits.

Motor Vehicle Traffic Fine Payments


Pay or dispute a traffic ticket.