Kootenay Lake Ferry

Kootenay Lake Ferry

The Kootenay Lake ferry runs across Kootenay Lake, 35 kilometres east of Nelson on Highway 3A, between Balfour (west side) and Kootenay Bay (east side), 70 kilometres from Creston on Highway 3A.

Capacity of the M.V. Osprey 2000 is 80 vehicles and 250 passengers. The M.V. Balfour can accommodate 28 vehicles and 150 passengers.

Service hours:

The M.V. Osprey 2000 operates

  • From Balfour
    6:30 am – 9:40 pm
  • From Kootenay Bay
    7:10 am – 10:20 pm

The M.V. Osprey runs the regular winter schedule except when it is down for regular maintenance.  At that time the M.V. Balfour will service the run with it’s reduced capacity of 28 vehicles

Additional summer service:

The M.V. Balfour operates:

  • From Balfour
    10:40 am – 5:20 pm
  • From Kootenay Bay
    11:30 am – 6:10 pm

The summer schedule is generally in effect from the third week of June until after the Labour Day weekend.

Crossing Time: 35 minutes

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