Environmental Farm Plan Program

Farmers who have an Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) learn how to reduce agriculture’s impact on the environment. Many Environmental Farm Plan participants enjoy increased efficiency, profitability, and new customers as a result of increased environmental sustainability.

Environmental Farm Plan

Participation in the EFP program is confidential, no cost, and starts with an on-farm consultation with a trained EFP Planning Advisor who helps you complete an agri-environmental risk assessment.

Benefits of completing an EFP include:

  • Knowledge and recognition of efforts to manage land in an environmentally sustainable manner
  • Enhanced marketing opportunities and improved relationships with environmental agencies
  • If you are an agricultural producer with tax “Farm Status”, access to funding and support to enhance regenerative agriculture and climate change priorities through the Beneficial Management Practices program
  • Improved response to environmental incidents through contingency planning

Regenerative agriculture and the EFP program

The initial farm assessment in the Environmental Farm Plan provides a first step to help agricultural producers understand the connections between their operation and the surrounding environment.   An action plan to address environmental issues is developed.  Funding to support producers with Farm Status make on farm improvements or further management plans allows producers to make meaningful changes for improving the sustainability of their operation.  For over 17 years the program has helped agricultural producers assess and take action with regenerative agriculture practices in areas such as:

  • Promoting on-farm biodiversity
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Increasing water and nutrient use efficiency
  • Protection of riparian areas
  • Building healthy soil

Check out some success stories and find out how farms are making changes for the better through the Beneficial Management Practices program.

Get started

The EFP Program is delivered by the Investment Agriculture Foundation (IAF).  For more program details and to get started with the EFP process you can call 250-940-6150. 

  • Visit the IAF website for more information on the Environmental Farm Plan Program

Environmental Farm Plan Reference Guide