Drainage Management Guide

The Drainage Management Guide provides information on preparing a Drainage Management Plan and on the operation and maintenance of drainage systems. It also provides guidance on agency contacts which are required  prior to conducting maintenance works involving constructed ditches.

This guide provides most of the information that is required for constructed ditches and guidance on where to get additional information for channelized and natural streams. It is one of a number of publications prepared to support the implementation of the Canada - BC Environmental Farm Plan Program.

Front Cover of Manual (PDF 3.0 MB)
Title Page, Preface, ISBN, Table of contents (PDF)
Introduction, Environmental Concerns, Drainage Management Plans, Definitions (PDF)
Federal Fisheries Act and Watercourse Maintenance (PDF)
Agricultural Watercourse Classification (PDF)
Agency Contact Requirements for Constructed Ditch Maintenance (PDF)
Fishery Timing Windows for Maintenance Work in Constructed Ditches (PDF)
Constructed Ditch Maintenance (PDF)
New Ditch Construction (PDF)
Filling in Constructed Ditches (PDF)
Sediment Control (PDF)
Sediment Traps (PDF)
Ditch Bank Stabilization Techniques (PDF)
Bank Re-vegetation for Agricultural Land (PDF)
Rock Revetments for Constructed Ditches (PDF)
Bio-Engineering Techniques (PDF)
Bridge Construction (PDF)
Culvert Installation in Constructed Ditches (PDF)
Beaver Dam Management (PDF)
Fish Salvage (PDF)
Drainage Water Quality (PDF)
Agency Contacts for Environmental Issues (PDF)
Agency Contact Requirements for Channelized and Natural Streams (PDF)
Notification for Proposed Works and Changes In and About a Stream under Part 7 Regulation of the Water Act (PDF)
Fisheries and Oceans Canada - Project Review Information Requirements for Works Affecting Fish Habitat  (PDF)