B.C. Lean for Food Processors Program

Applications for the Fall 2020 intake are now being accepted.

The B.C. Lean for Food Processors Program supports specialized business skill development to enable processors to make more informed decisions, optimize operating procedures, improve production capacity, labour productivity and strengthen their business.

Lean is aimed at enhancing the competitiveness of local food and beverage processing firms in the sector.

The Ministry will provide successful applicants up to $7,000 for services from a Qualified Business Consultant. Successful applicants are required to pay $1,500 upfront to the Qualified Business Consultant. 

Eligible Activities

  • Research and Development
  • Inventory Management
  • Quality Assurance Procedure
  • Analysis of Production Process
  • Marketing Activities
  • Staff Training
  • Food Safety Protocols
  • Re-tooling Procedures

Eligible Applicants

  • Food processor processing food, beverage or agricultural products which are processed and packaged in B.C. with 51% or more of the direct cost of producing the product in its final form (i.e. the sum of raw materials, direct labour, variable processing, and packaging) originating in B.C.

Processors must have reported total annual gross revenues greater than $30,000/year in the previous year to Canada Revenue Agency. Applicants must also have a head office or be registered to do business in B.C.

Application Instructions

Step 1: Complete application form, and review and approve project proposal created with Qualified Business Consultant, which is to be submitted to Agribusiness@gov.bc.ca.

Step 2: B.C. Ministry of Agriculture Staff evaluate application and the Project Proposal.

Step 3: After receiving email confirmation the Project Proposal is approved, the applicant pays the Qualified Business Consultant upfront.

Step 4: The Project is completed as outlined in the Project Proposal (90 days). Ministry staff reserve the right to conduct mid project review and feedback from applicant(s).

Step 5: Qualified Business Consultant submits final draft report to Applicant.

Step 6: Applicant reviewed and approves draft report and signs claim form.

Step 7: After performing the training, Qualified Business Consultant submits the approved claim form (DOCX) and final report by email.

Step 8: B.C. Ministry of Agriculture pays Qualified Business Consultant directly.

Step 9: Program Staff contact applicant for feedback.