Agriculture & Seafood Programs

Agriculture and seafood producers and processors can access programs and funding to support their businesses.

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Business, Innovation & Market Development

Programs are available to support farmers and food processors to start, grow and innovate their business and more effectively market their products.

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Buy BC Partnership Program

Accepting Applications

The Buy BC Partnership Program provides up to $2M in funding per year over the next three years to increase the competitiveness of B.C.’s agrifood and seafood industry in the domestic market.  The Program includes both cost-shared funding as well as Buy BC logo licensing.

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B.C. Land Matching Program

Accepting Applications

Provides land matching and business support services to new farmers looking for land to farm as well as landowners interested in finding someone to farm their land.

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B.C. Oyster Recovery Fund

Applications are now closed

Provides short-term relief funds to British Columbia oyster growers for the purchase of oyster seed to support production continuity.

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Bee BC

Provides funding to enhance bee health throughout the province.

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B.C. Indigenous Agriculture Development Program

Next intake expected: April 2019

Provides support for the development of agriculture and agrifoods opportunities within Indigenous Communities.

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B.C. Agri-Business Planning Program

Next intake expected: April 2019

Specialized Business Planning to enable B.C. producers and processors to make more informed decisions and strengthen their business.

Disaster Recovery Planning to help producers implement an immediate and long-term disaster recovery plan.

Hazelnut orchard

Hazelnut Renewal Program

Accepting Applications

The Hazelnut Renewal Program provides funding to remove infected trees to mitigate the spread of Eastern Filbert Blight and to incentivize the planting of new disease-resistant hazelnut trees in British Columbia.


B.C. Tree Fruit Replant Program

Next intake expected: August 2019

Provides financial help for growers to replace fruit trees with varieties that will meet consumer demands for high-value, high-quality B.C. fruit.

Innovative greenhouse system

Innovation (Canada-BC Agri-Innovation)

Accepting Applications

Provides cost-shared funding to support promising new products, practices, processes and technologies that have the potential to generate a benefit to the agriculture sector.

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B.C. Agrifood & Seafood Market Development

Accepting Applications

Provides funding to support businesses to develop marketing skills, purchase market research, create marketing plans and expand export sales.

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Knowledge Transfer Events

Intake Closed

Provides funding to support knowledge transfer events for B.C. producers and food processors.

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B.C. Lean for Food Processors Program

Intake Closed

Supports processors to make more informed decisions, optimize operating procedures, improve production capacity, labour productivity and strengthen their business.

Insurance & Income Protection

Agricultural producers can protect their business against severe market volatility and disaster situations situations through the B.C. government’s Business Risk Management programs.

Burned rangeland

Wildfire Recovery (BC Wildfires AgriRecovery Initiative)

Accepting Applications

Provides funding to assist agricultural producers with the extraordinary costs incurred to recover from the adverse effects of the 2017 wildfire season.

Canola crop

Agriculture Income Protection (AgriStability)

Accepting Applications

Helps stabilize farm income by managing the risk of large income declines.


2018 AgriStability Late Participation Option

Accepting Applications

The 2018 AgriStability Late Participation Option allows agricultural producers to enroll late into the existing AgriStability program.

Wheat field

Production Insurance

Accepting Applications

Helps producers manage their risk of crop losses caused by the weather, such as hail, spring frost, excessive rain, flooding and drought.



Crop Loss & Damage Due to Wildlife (Agriculture Wildlife)

Accepting Applications

Provides compensation for crop loss due to wildlife damage

Coldstream ranch

Livestock Price Insurance

Accepting Applications

Offers protection against an unexpected drop in livestock prices.

Central Saanaich farmland

Income Savings Account (AgriInvest)

Accepting Applications

Helps manage small income declines, and provides support for investments to mitigate risks or improve market income.

Food Safety & Traceability

Food safety and traceability programs provide education and awareness of food safety practices, as well as activities to identify and analyze new and emerging food safety hazards.

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On-Farm Food Safety (OFFS) Program

Accepting Applications

Provides funding to eligible B.C. farm-based businesses (i.e. growers, packers and ranchers) to address existing food safety issues, increase implementation of food safety practices and to meet national and international food safety requirements.

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Post-Farm Food Safety (PFFS) Program

Accepting Applications

Provides funding to eligible B.C. processors, value adding producers, wholesalers, importers and distributors, to address existing food safety issues, increase implementation of food safety practices and to meet national and international food safety requirements.

Staff watching a traceability knowledge transfer presentation

Traceability Knowledge Transfer

Accepting Applications

Supports agrifood and seafood industry organizations to educate their membership about traceability systems, practices, infrastructure and technologies.

Tracability bar codes on produce boxes

Traceability Adoption

Accepting Applications

Provides funding to agriculture, agrifood and seafood businesses to implement facility-based traceability practices, systems, infrastructure and technologies.

Livestock Tag Reader

Livestock Tag Reader Rebate

Accepting Applications

Provides rebate to livestock operators who implement approved livestock tag readers.

Traceability bar codes on produce boxes

Traceability Value Chain

Accepting Applications

Provides funding to agriculture, agrifood and seafood sector organizations and value chains to implement sector-wide or value chain traceability practices, systems, infrastructure and technologies.

Premises ID aerial mapping

Premises ID

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Premises Identification links livestock and poultry to geographic locations, and is an important step in protecting the health and safety of animals.

Environmental Sustainability

Environmental programs are available to support sustainable agriculture practices.

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Greenhouse Carbon Tax Relief Grant

Next intake expected: Spring 2019

Provides carbon tax relief to B.C. commercial vegetable, floriculture, wholesale nursery and forest seedling greenhouse.

Environmental Farm Plan logo

Environmental Farm Plan

Accepting Applications

Supports producers to complete environmental and climate change risk assessments related to agriculture.

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Beneficial Management Practices

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Supports producers to implement practices, identified through an Environmental Farm Plan, to increase agricultural sustainability, address climate change and contribute to a cleaner environment.

Climate adaptation speaker in farm field

Farm Adaptation Innovator Program

Applications are now closed

Supports collaborative research, demonstration, and knowledge-sharing to enable farm-level adaptation to climate change.


Farmers make a significant contribution to the economy and the health and well-being of British Columbia as a whole.

century farm award

Century Farm Award

Accepting Applications

The Century Farm Award honours pioneers whose farm, ranch or agricultural organization have been active in B.C. for 100 years.