Agriculture and seafood

The broad geography and climate of B.C. enables us to produce an impressive number of food products. British Columbians are proud of the over 200 agriculture commodities and 100 seafood species we harvest. In addition, B.C. has more than 1,500 businesses that produce foods and beverages ranging from breakfast cereal to wine to nutraceuticals.

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Response to COVID-19

The ministry is proactively responding to COVID-19.

Grow BC, Feed BC, Buy BC

The Grow BC, Feed BC, and Buy BC initiatives will strengthen B.C.’s agrifood and seafood sector and expand the domestic market for B.C. food and beverage products.
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Animals and crops

B.C. farmers grow a wide variety of crops and animals. Some growers and producers are also focusing on high-quality, value-added products, such as wine, baked goods, soups and sauces. Resources are available for growers, including financial programs, diagnostic services and information on production and pest management practices.

Fisheries and aquaculture

The marine fisheries, aquaculture and seafood sectors are important contributors to the provincial economy and are the foundation for many coastal communities. The B.C. government leads the provincial policy and initiatives related to the following activities:

Agricultural land and environment

Protecting soil, water, air and biodiversity is important for the agricultural sector. Government provides tools and information to support farmers and growers ensure sustainable and environmentally friendly use of these resources.

Food safety

Safe food production and processing needs a farm to plate approach. To continue to protect public health and market stability, the agrifood and seafood industry use the best available preventive food safe practices. 


To support the agriculture and seafood industry and consumers, government collects and produces statistical information on industry performance, market and trade analyses, sector  and regional profiles.

Business and market development

The B.C. government provides tools, information and resources on best practices for business growth for the agriculture and seafood sector.

Innovation and technology

A range of programs are offered by government, in collaboration with agencies, research institutions and industry organizations, to support innovation and technology for the agriculture and food sector.