Century Farm and Ranch Awards

The Century Farm Awards honour pioneers whose farm, ranch or agricultural organization has been active in B.C. for 100 years.

Award winners will receive a sign presented by the Minister (or Minister delegate) at no charge from the B.C. government.  Recipients of a Century Farm Award do not need to re-apply to obtain a new sign. If a replacement sign is required, a formal request should be made through the contact information below. New signs may be ordered at a cost of approximately $200, which will be equally cost-shared between the Province and the recipient.

Award criteria and categories

The following are eligible for awards:

  • A farm or ranch business with a minimum of two hectares (five acres) that is owned by the immediate descendants of the original owners and operated as a farm business or ranch business at all times
  • A farm business or ranch business that has been owned and operated by the same family for 100 years or more and/or
    • whose owners do not now live on it or operate it. (i.e. leased or rented)
    • have moved from one location to another, and remained active
  • An Institute, Industry Association, etc. that has been active for the past 100 years or more


Applicants are responsible for all research and supporting documentation.  A written history of family ownership must be provided.  The application will not be processed without documentation.  Members of the public can apply for, or nominate a recipient, by filling out the following form:

All nominations are kept on file.  If the nominated farm is a couple of years short of meeting the qualifications the nomination will be retained until the award can be given.

Submit your completed application/nomination form, along with copies of supporting documentation via post or e-mail to:

Lesley Edwards
Century Farm and Ranch Awards
441 Columbia Avenue
Kamloops, B.C. V2C 2T3



British Columbia