Environmental Farm Plan success stories

Farmers that participate in the Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) program are proud to share the successes they have had working to contribute to a healthy environment and community.  You can recognize a farm that has completed an EFP by the familiar EFP sign.

Environmental Farm Plan

An EFP can help place B.C. farms and ranches at the forefront of regenerative agriculture and climate adaptation. There are over 70 categories of practices and actions that are eligible for cost share funding through the EFP Beneficial Management Practices (BMP) program.  See all the BMPs eligible for cast share funding on the IAF website.

The following success stories highlight just some of the many beneficial management practices that have been implemented on farms across British Columbia. 

Increasing water and nutrient use efficiency

The EFP process and cost share funding helped ranchers identify production challenges, reduce water use, and prevent nutrient loss. 

“I am amazed as I watch the fields grow thicker, faster and greener than they ever have. I used to be certain that we were under fertilizing but now I realize that by over watering, we were washing all our nutrients away.” – rancher in the East Kootenays

Building healthy soil

The foundation for good productivity is healthy soil.  Producers can invest in practices and equipment that will help use organic wastes in a safe way and build valuable soil amendments at the same time by accessing funding through the EFP Beneficial Management Practices program.

“The workbook is easy to use and is basically a guideline for systematized sustainability. It fits in perfectly with organic farming, which is also about sustainability.” – vineyard manager in the Okanagan

Protection of riparian areas

Protection of sensitive riparian areas helps ensure water is safe and clean and promotes divers and well functioning ecosystems.  One of the EFP program’s most frequently used cost share options to install fencing can make a big difference. 

“We are very happy to know that this project will allow for regeneration of the vegetation and decreased erosion of the creek bed” – livestock producer in the Peace Region