Food safety

Safe food production and processing needs a farm to plate approach. To continue to protect public health and market stability, the agrifood and seafood industry use the best available preventive food safe practices. 

Producers are responsible for complying with all relevant federal, provincial and municipal legislation and bylaws that deal with the production of food.

Good agricultural practices

These good agricultural practices will help you to assess the risks of your daily farming practices and minimize those risks. Learn how to customize a program for your individual farm. Learn how to streamline record keeping and traceability requirements.

Meat inspection and licensing

A graduated licensing approach to regulating slaughter establishments.

Premises identification for livestock and poultry

Premises identification links livestock and poultry to their geographic locations for planning and managing emergencies.


Traceability is the ability to follow the movement of a crop/animal/food commodity through stages of its supply chain.

Food safety in processing

Food processing businesses in British Columbia are required to implement formal food safety plans to ensure their products are safe for consumption.