Business and market development

The B.C. government provides tools, information and resources on best practices for business growth for the agriculture and seafood sector.

Agrifood business management

Knowing how to manage and grow your farming business involves a broad range of skills and knowledge. Information, tools and services are available to help adopt best practices, acquire and manage staff, and maintain a safe workplace.

Market development

B.C. agriculture, food and seafood products are sold in domestic and international markets. Services are available to inform and prepare farmers, fishers and food processors to take advantage of existing and emerging market opportunities, from local farmers' markets to the growing markets of Asia, Europe and other parts of the world.

Emergency preparedness

Farmers need to plan ahead for hazardous situations to help minimize negative impacts to farms and speed recovery. Tools and resources are available to help farmers plan and prepare for emergencies. The government also has emergency response plans and resources in place to assist farmers during an emergency event. Programs may be available to help recover after a natural disaster or major disease outbreak.

Food and beverage processing

B.C.'s 2500 or more processing businesses account for 70% of the province's agrifood sector. Information and services are available to assist B.C. processing business with their unique needs from start-up, to regulatory compliance, food safety, sourcing of raw materials and adoption of innovative processes and technology.

Farmers and womens institutes

Farmers and Womens Institutes are rural organizations which are cross-commodity in nature and are concerned with most aspects of the farming industry and society from a community agriculture perspective.

Trusts and councils

Trusts provide the incentive and opportunity for industry sectors to lead, manage and finance their own development by providing partial funding for development activities.  Industry development councils work on promotion, market development and research that benefits their industry.