Ministry of Finance

The Ministry of Finance plays a key role in establishing, implementing and reviewing government’s economic, fiscal, financial management and taxation policies.

Featured Topics

  • Budget 2018 Consultations
    Information on how to participate in the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services’
  • BC Budget
    Reader-friendly, plain-language overview of the provincial Budget including tax changes.

  • Public Accounts
    The Province of British Columbia’s audited financial statements and other key financial information for the past fiscal year.
  • Economic Indicators
    Statistics on labour force, economy, sales, tourism, and population in B.C.
  • eTax
    A convenient online system for individuals and businesses to file returns, make payments and communicate directly with the B.C. Ministry of Finance.
  • Public Sector Bargaining
    ​​Learn more about bargaining in B.C. with public sector employers.
  • Crown Agencies & Board Resourcing Office
    Information about British Columbia's public agencies, the people who are appointed to serve on them and the appointment process.
  • Taxpayer Accountability Principles
    Public sector organizations are accountable to taxpayers in addition to their traditional fiduciary duty to their organization, including executive compensation.
  • Medical Services Plan
    The Medical Services Plan (MSP) insures medically-required services provided by physicians and supplementary health-care practitioners, and diagnostic procedures.
  • Divisions & Branches
    Learn more about the Divisions and Branches at the Ministry of Finance.

Featured Services

  • Provincial Sales Tax Exemptions
    Provincial sales tax (PST) is a retail sales tax that applies when a taxable good or service is purchased, acquired or brought into B.C., unless a specific exemption applies.
  • Home Owner Grant
    Learn more on how to apply for a grant reduces the amount of property tax you pay for your principal residence.
  • Pay or Defer Your Property Tax
    Learn more on how you can apply to defer a portion or all of your residential or residential and farm  property taxes after the home owner grant is deducted.
  • Apply for Personal or Corporate Tax Credits
    Find credits that apply to your corporation and read about how and where you can file the tax credit.
  • Natural Resource Taxes
    When you extract natural resources, harvest timber or own mineral rights in B.C. you're charged taxes, royalties and fees.