Ministry of Children and Family Development

Last updated on February 23, 2024

The Ministry of Children and Family Development’s primary focus is to support all children and youth in British Columbia to live in safe, healthy and nurturing families and be strongly connected to their communities and culture. The ministry supports the well-being of children, youth and families in British Columbia by providing services that are accessible, inclusive, and culturally respectful.

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Featured Topics

  • Call Provincial Centralized Screening – toll-free in B.C. at 1 800 663-9122 if you think a child or youth is being abused or neglected. It is available 24 hours a day.
  • Indigenous Child & Family Development
    Information on key reports, programs and services available to Indigenous children, youth and families. Learn how B.C.’s changing child welfare system is helping to keep families together.
  • Children & Youth with Support Needs
    Accessible, high-quality intervention and support services for children and youth with support needs.
  • Adoptionfoster caregiving and kinship care
    Information on adoption, fostering and out-of-care arrangements (also known as kinship care) in British Columbia.
  • Teens in foster care
    Information on the tools available to help teens in government care prepare for adulthood. Learn more about the supports and services offered to former youth in care. 

Featured Services

  • Protecting Children
    It is your duty to report child abuse. Learn more about child protection services in B.C.
  • Child & Youth Mental Health
    Specialized mental health services to support children and their families who are living with mental health challenges.
  • Youth & Family Services
    Sometimes families can benefit from a little extra help. Learn more about how to engage with youth, find specialized support for important transitions, and access useful services to help keep your family together during challenging times.


Honourable Grace Lore

Minister of Children & Family Development

Deputy Minister

David Galbraith

Deputy Minister, Ministry of Children & Family Development