Revenue Services of British Columbia

Revenue Services of British Columbia (RSBC) works on behalf of the Ministry of Finance to collect money owed to government. RSBC can help you manage your payments to government for:

Call centre staff are available to answer your questions and help you find a payment option that works for you. You can also self-serve using online services.

Medical services plan

B.C. residents must pay any outstanding Medical Services Plan (MSP) premiums they owe. RSBC manages the billing and collection of MSP premiums. Visit pay your premiums to learn more about your MSP invoice.

Visit Billing & Payment Services to:

  • Make an MSP payment online
  • Manage your MSP account and receive eBills

Health fee for international students

International students enrolled in B.C.’s Medical Services Plan are invoiced a monthly health fee. RSBC manages the billing and collection of the health fee. Visit health fee for international students to learn more about the health fee.

Pay your health fee invoice online or learn other ways to pay.

If you are a school or school district paying the health fee on behalf of your international students, learn how to pay your health fee group invoice

BC Emergency Health Services (BCEHS) ambulance invoices

Ambulance services are managed by BC Emergency Health Services (BCEHS). RSBC manages invoices and payment processing for BCEHS. Visit understanding your ambulance invoice to learn more about your invoice. 

Pay your ambulance invoice online or learn other ways to pay.

Fair PharmaCare monthly deductible payment option

Fair PharmaCare’s Monthly Deductible Payment Option (MDPO) allows families to pay their deductible over the course of the year and receive PharmaCare assistance right away. RSBC provides billing and collection services for the Fair PharmaCare MDPO.

Pay your MDPO bill online or learn other ways to pay.

Overdue court fines

Provincial court fines are administered by the Courthouse Services Branch. Court fines that are not motor vehicle related are sent to RSBC for collection when they are at least 30 days past their due date.

Pay your overdue court fine online or learn other ways to pay.

Overdue employment and income assistance repayments

The Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction manages employment and income assistance programs. Sometimes overpayments need to be repaid. Overpayments not repaid within 90 days are sent to RSBC for collection.

Repay your overdue employment assistance online or learn other ways to pay.

Overdue student loans

If your permanent address is located in one of these affected areas and you've been impacted by flooding or wildfires, call 1-866-345-3930.  You may be able to access assistance.

Provincial student loans are managed by the Ministry of Finance StudentAid BC office. Provincial student loans that are 270 days overdue are sent to RSBC for collection.

Pay your overdue student loan online or learn other ways to pay.

More information about resuming student loan repayments are available at StudentAidBC and NSLCS.