Ministry of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation

The Ministry of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation leads the B.C. Government in pursuing reconciliation with the First Nations and Aboriginal peoples of British Columbia. 

Featured Topics

  • Consulting First Nations
    Guidelines and procedure manuals designed to assist government officials and proponents with meeting consultation obligations with First Nations.
  • Aboriginal People
    Aboriginal people have distinct cultures, world views, languages and traditions that form a part of the richness of B.C.’s society today.
  • Reconciliation
    Reconciliation and agreements focus on closing socio-economic gaps that separate Aboriginal people from other British Columbians.
  • First Nations Negotiations
    First Nations engagement, through negotiation, is pivotal to the well being of Aboriginal Interests, businesses and citizens.
  • Economic Development
    The Province supports Aboriginal entrepreneurs through programs, training and funding.
  • Supporting Communities
    The Province offers skills and expertise to build capacity and goodwill with First Nations.
  • Minister's Advisory Council on Aboriginal Women (MACAW)
    Providing advice to government and other groups on how to improve the quality of life for Aboriginal women across British Columbia.
  • Urban & Off-Reserve Aboriginal People
    Learn more about engagement with the urban Aboriginal population.
  • Culture & Language
    There are over 34 First Nation languages and 61 dialects in British Columbia.

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