Ministry of Post-Secondary Education and Future Skills

The Ministry of Post-Secondary Education and Future Skills provides leadership and direction for post-secondary education and skills training systems in British Columbia as well as labour market information and programs.

Mental Health Counseling and Referral Service for Post-Secondary Students

Here2Talk is a new mental health counseling and referral service for post-secondary students. It offers confidential free single-session services by app, phone or online chat 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Featured Topics

  • Indigenous Education Programs and Initiatives
    Information on Indigenous post-secondary education and skills training in B.C.
  • Adult Education
    Programs to meet the needs of adults who are not ready to enter directly into an academic or career program at the post-secondary level.
  • Education Quality Assurance
    Learn more about Education Quality Assurance designation for quality post-secondary education.
  • Emergency Support
    Learn about post-secondary emergency event news, planning and resources.
  • International Education
    Learn more about opportunities for B.C. students to study abroad and students from around the world to study and work in B.C.
  • Micro-credentials
    Learn about micro-credentials and the Framework for B.C.’s public post-secondary system.
  • Post-Secondary Data
    Data collected from past and present students.
  • Post-Secondary Funding & Accountability
    Government reporting, budget, capital planning, and accountability framework.
  • Private Career Training
    Learn about private training regulations in B.C.
  • B.C. Employer Training Grant
    A program designed to assist employers in providing skills training to new or current employees that will develop skills and certification, upgrade skills needed due to automation and enhance productivity. 
    Sector Labour Market Partnership Program
    The program provides funding for partnership-led projects that address broader sector and regional labour market issues within British Columbia's diverse economy. 
  • Sexualized Violence
    Information and resources on how to prevent and respond to incidents of sexualized violence at post-secondary institutions.

Featured Services