Liquor licences and permits

If you want to sell liquor in B.C., you need a liquor licence or permit.

Find information about liquor licences and permits, including how to apply or alter your licence and what certifications you need to work in the serving industry.

Apply or amend a liquor licence or permit

Liquor Primary licence

For businesses wanting to offer liquor as their primary focus or as an additional service to their patrons. 

Food Primary licence

For restaurants, bistros, cafes and other businesses where their primary focus is food. 

Manufacturer licence

For businesses producing or manufacturing liquor such as wine, cider, beer (including brew pubs), or spirits. 

Find out about Artisan and Farmers Market Liquor Sales

Agent licence

For businesses that promote, market and take wholesale orders for liquor products

UBrew and UVin licence

For business that allow customers to ferment-on-premises

Catering licence

For businesses that cater food and beverages


Liquor Charitable Auction permit

For non-profits wanting to auction liquor at an event.

Ethyl Alcohol Purchase permit

For mechanical or manufacturing businesses wanting to use ethyl alcohol.


Non-beverage Alcohol Exemption

For people who sell, supply, purchase or use non-beverage alcohol products.

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Rural Licensee Retail Store licence

For general stores to sell packaged liquor in rural communities and tourist destination resorts.


The Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch is not accepting new applications for

Temporary Expanded Service Areas (TESAs), as well as: 

Wine Store licence

Wine stores are separate retail stores that sell wine. There is an open-ended freeze on new wine stores and the government is not accepting new Wine Store licence applications.

Special Wine Store licence

A Special Wine Store licence allows for wine to be sold on selected shelves of a grocery store. There is an open-ended freeze on new wine stores and the government is not accepting new Special Wine Store licence applications.

Licensee Retail Store (LRS)

A Licensee Retail Store licence allows for liquor to be sold for private consumption. There is a freeze on new Licensee Retail Stores until July 1, 2032 and the government is not accepting new Licensee Retail Store licence applications.

Liquor licensee resources and information

Get resources and information including social responsibility posters, guidelines for advertising, and liquor licensing forms.

Download lists of all licensed liquor establishments in B.C.

Liquor law and policy

Read about liquor law and policy, including licence

Serving It Right and Special Event Server

Learn what you need to work in the industry if you serve liquor at an event or establishment.