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Before you start

Liquor licences can be transferred to an eligible new licensee. 

The current licensee must initiate the licence transfer in the liquor and cannabis licensing portal by submitting the proposed licensee's:

  • Business name
  • Email address

The proposed licensee (buyer) will be notified to proceed with the licence transfer application.

The proposed licensee:

  • Must have a Canada Revenue Agency issued Business Number (9 digit) registered to the new applicant for the liquor licence
  • Does not have to be a citizen or resident of B.C. or Canada
  • Needs a Business BCeID to access the online licensing portal


When a business changes ownership, the liquor licence must be transferred. The proposed licensee must submit the following forms and documents, along with the application fee to successfully transfer the liquor licence.

A licence transfer is not eligible if expired. 

The application fee is $330.



Check requirements for your business type

The proposed licensee needs to submit documents based on their business type: 

Check below to see what's required for your business type.

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Complete an application for your licence type

Your application must include:

    Sample sign for the establishment
  • Payment of $330
  • Additional requirements explained below

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Next Steps

 An establishment can remain open during the transfer application process. The current licensee must maintain their licence requirements until the transfer is complete. 

The LCRB will notify the new licensee when they can begin to operate the business. 

Other subsequent licence changes, such as structural changes or relocations, must be requested after the licence transfer is complete. 


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