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Before you start

You must have a Business BCeID to access the online licensing portal.

Once your BCeID has been set up, log into the liquor and cannabis licensing portal. Review and confirm your account information on the Account Profile page.

Agent licensees do not need to apply to relocate their licence. If an Agent licensee relocates, they must update their street address in the Account Profile page in the online licensing portal. 

Agent licensees must update their information with the Liquor Distribution Branch by emailing: 



The application requirements for relocating a licence vary by licence type.

Some licence types need to work with their local government or Indigenous Nation before submitting the application. This increases your application process timeline. 

Choose your licence type below. 



Check requirements and complete application

You can change the location of your business by:

  • Applying online
  • Attaching the required documents
  • Paying the application fee

Check below to see specific requirements for each licence type.

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Check conditional requirements

Food Primary

To serve liquor past midnight or transfer a Patron Participation endorsement to your new location, you must:

  • Apply for a permanent change online
  • Get local government or Indigenous Nation sign-off
  • Submit, no fee required

You can also add the Catering or Third Party operator endorsements to your application.

If your restaurant is relocating to a winery, brewery or distillery, include:

  • Description of how areas are separated
  • Agricultural Land Commission approval
    • If on Agricultural Land Reserve
  • Apply for a Manufacturer structural change online
    • If the food licence will change manufacturing service areas

Liquor Primary

Golf courses must include:

  • Description of how liquor will be served
    • For example, a kiosk or beverage cart
  • Map of golf course with all holes, driving range and
    • Any public roads or water features
    • Any buildings
    • Proposed location of the kiosk or beverage cart etc.
      • If applicable
    • Location of existing service areas within clubhouse

Vessels must include:

  • Copy of the moorage contract
  • Copies of captain and crew accreditation
  • Copy of the vessel registration
  • Floor plans
  • Site map with
    • Moorage location
    • Berth number
    • Road access


Apply online


Add or transfer endorsements

Check your application and your applicable guide to understand how to transfer or reapply endorsements when you change locations.


Get local government or Indigenous Nation sign-off

A resolution from your local government or Indigenous Nation office is required if you are:

  • A liquor primary licensee
  • Applying for Patron Participation endorsement
  • Extending your hours of liquor service past midnight

This sign-off will increase your application process timeline.


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