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An agent's licence allows independent liquor agents and importers to promote, market and take wholesale orders for liquor products.

Agents may request and receive orders for manufacturer’s products only from the following licensees:

  • Liquor Primary
  • Food Primary
  • Licensee Retail Stores
  • Wine Stores

Agents and their employees may not

  • Sell liquor products directly to the public
  • Import liquor products directly

Liquor products may only be imported through the Liquor Distribution Branch (LDB).


The application fee is $220.

Terms and conditions

Review the Agent Licence Terms and Conditions Handbook (PDF, 284KB) and guidelines for liquor advertising and promotion to understand the terms and conditions of your licence.



Check requirements for your business type

Submit documentation based on your business type.

The business types include:

  • Sole proprietorship
  • Private corporation
  • Partnership
  • Public corporation
  • Society or non-profit corporation
  • Other applicant types

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Complete online application

You will need:

  • Photocopies of proof of identity for each individual on your application
  • Relevant business documents based on your application
  • Payment 

You must include a Personal History Summary as part of your application.

As part of the Personal History Summary, attach the following documents, if required

Apply online


Additional submission information

You must also submit a new agent registration package to the Liquor Distribution Branch (LDB).

If you have questions about this application, please email or call 604-252-8700.

Please visit for more information about LDB’s requirements.

It is mandatory to submit to both the LCRB and LDB. The LCRB will not approve your licence until your application with the LDB is also approved.

The LCRB follows up with LDB directly.


Get approval in principle

Once you've submitted a complete application, the LCRB works with the LDB to review your application.

If everything is in order, the branches will offer an Approval in Principle.


Apply to be an import agent

Apply to the Liquor Distribution Branch (LDB) to become an import agent.

  • You need an agent's licence from the LCRB before applying

Amend your licence

If you already have a licence and want to make changes, find out how to


Contact the client support team.

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In Canada Toll Free:

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