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Also known as Ferment-on-Premises, UBrews and UVins are businesses that provide their customers with

  • The ingredients, equipment and advice they need to make their own beer, wine, cider or coolers on-site

Once it's made, UBrew and UVin customers must take their liquor away for their own private consumption. Customers can't sell their liquor to others. 

Businesses that sells kits, juices or other ingredients for customers to make beer or wine at home, do not need a UBrew and UVin licence.

The application fee is $550.

Review the UBrew and UVin (Ferment-on-Premises) Licence Terms and Conditions Handbook (PDF, 270KB) and guidelines for liquor advertising and promotion to understand the terms and conditions of your licence.



Check requirements for your business type

The applicant needs to submit documents based on their business type: 

The business types include:

  • Sole proprietorship
  • Private corporation
  • Partnership
  • Public corporation
  • Society or non-profit corporation
  • Other applicant types

Check below to see what's required for your business type. 

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Complete the online application

To apply for the UBrew or UVin licence, you need:

  • Photocopies of the proof of identity for each individual on application
  • Relevant business documents based on your application
  • Sketch of the proposed establishment signage
  • Payment

You must include a Personal History Summary as part of your application package.

As part of the Personal History Summary, attach the following documents, if required:

Apply online

Amend your licence

If you already have a licence and want to alter or make changes, find out how to


Contact the client support team.

In Victoria Office:

In Canada Toll Free:

Liquor licences: