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Do you qualify?

You need an ethyl alcohol permit if you are:

  • A B.C. mechanical or manufacturing business or scientific pursuit requiring the use of ethyl alcohol; and
  • Propose to use ethyl alcohol for a purpose that is not contrary to the public interest.


You do not need an ethyl alcohol permit if you are:

  • A winery that uses ethyl alcohol to fortify wine and has a “user licence” issued by Revenue Canada's Excise Duty and Taxes
  • A pharmacist
    • If the ethyl alcohol is for use solely in connection with their pharmacy business in compounding medicines or as a solvent or preservative, or for sale to physicians and hospitals as a sterilizing agent
  • A dentist, medical practitioners, nurse practitioners, registrants of the College of Naturopathic Physicians of British Columbia, or veterinarians,
    • If the ethyl alcohol is for use solely in connection with their practice
  • Hospitals as defined in section 1 of the Hospital Act or licensed hospitals as defined in section 5 (1) of that Act,
    • The ethyl alcohol is for use only in the hospital
  • Universities
    • For use for scientific purposes
  • Branches, ministries, departments or institutions of the provincial or federal government
  • A person who hold a prescription for ethyl alcohol
  • A person who is authorized to purchase alcohol under the federal Excise Act, 2001


Find policy information about ethyl alcohol in the  Miscellaneous Liquor Policy Manual (PDF, 294.8KB).


An ethyl alcohol permit is available as:

  • A single-use permit
  • A three month permit

Permits are:

  • Issued for commercial, scientific, institutional or other non-beverage use
  • Not transferable


Processing times may vary


The application fee is $30

Before you start

To apply, you'll need

  • The purpose for which the ethyl alcohol will be used
  • The amount of ethyl alcohol you intend to purchase
  • Details of how and where the ethyl alcohol will be stored
  • Names of the officials who will buy the ethyl alcohol
  • If the ethyl alcohol will be used by a business, evidence that the business is licensed and registered for the purpose of paying provincial and federal taxes. For example:
    • Business licence
    • Business registration
    • Corporation registration
    • GST registration number
    • PST registration number


Apply online

You can apply online in the liquor and cannabis licensing portal by logging in with your BCeID. For instructions on how to set up your BCeID, see online liquor licensing

If you are applying online, pay the $30 application fee by credit card.

Apply Online


Apply with a printable form

1. Complete and print a paper copy of the form: 

2. Submit the application package by either:

Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch
PO Box 9292 Stn. Prov Govt
Victoria BC V8W 9J8

  • Fax to 250-952-7066
    • DO NOT fax credit card information

3. Pay the $30 application fee by either: 

  • Credit card - Include your phone number on the form and wait for a call-back from a Branch agent to process the payment over the phone. 
  • Mailed cheque, payable to Minister of Finance
    • $30 fee charged for non-sufficient funds
  • Mailed money order, payable to Minister of Finance


Contact the client support team.

In Victoria Phone:

In Canada Toll Free:



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