Liquor and cannabis regulation

The Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch (LCRB) oversees liquor and non-medical cannabis regulations. These are the rules and laws that govern B.C.'s private retail sale of liquor and non-medical cannabis.

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The LCRB also supervises the regulation and licensing of establishments and events including

  • Restaurants, bars and pubs
  • Liquor manufacturers
  • Liquor retail stores
  • Special events involving liquor
  • Private non-medical cannabis retail stores
  • Non-medical cannabis marketing

What's new

Find out what's new at the LCRB including updates to online liquor licensing and policy announcements.

Liquor licences and permits

Learn about liquor licences, including how to apply for or amend a licence, licensee terms and conditions and liquor law and policy.

Cannabis licences

Learn about non-medical cannabis licences and how to apply for or amend a licence, licensee terms and conditions and cannabis law and policy.

Resources and information

Find resources and information, including signs and posters, forms, rules for advertising and more.

Compliance and enforcement

The LCRB oversees compliance of all licensed liquor and non-medical cannabis establishments, which includes conducting inspections. Learn how compliance and enforcement works.

Local government or Indigenous Nations

The LCRB partners with local governments and Indigenous Nations. Learn more about the role of jurisdictional authorities in liquor and non-medical cannabis licensing.

About the LCRB

Learn more about the LCRB, and the role of the general manager. See contact information for questions and media requests. 

Liquor and cannabis law  and policy

Read about liquor law and policy and non-medical cannabis law and policy.