Liquor Regulation & Licensing

The Liquor Control and Licensing Branch (LCLB) regulates restaurants, bars, pubs, liquor retailers, manufacturers and special events. We encourage voluntary compliance to enable a vibrant liquor industry while minimizing health and social harms. 

The Liquor Control and Licensing Branch supervises over 10,000 licensed establishments and over 25,000 licensed events per year in the province of B.C.


Progressive liquor laws for a modern B.C.


 Public safety

  • Promote safe establishments and safe communities
  • Minimize the health and social harms of alcohol
  • Take enforcement action where necessary

Public interest

  • Consider impacts for all stakeholders
  • Modernize liquor laws/policy/tools to meet the needs of citizens
  • Help licensees succeed
  • Enable a vibrant liquor industry


  • Teamwork – we work collaboratively with colleagues and stakeholders; communicate openly; trust and support each other to achieve our mission and vision
  • Accountability – we accept responsibility for our actions; seek solutions; and are transparent
  • Integrity – we adhere to ethical principles; are honest and fair; treat everyone with respect; and have the courage to do the right thing, no matter the consequences