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The Rural Licensee Retail Store (RLRS) licence is for rural communities and tourist destination resorts.

To apply, you

  • must be at least 19 years old
  • must have valid interest in the establishment, meaning you
    • own the business where the liquor will be sold
    • either own or lease the place/premises where liquor will be sold

To be eligible for a Rural Licensee Retail Store licence

  • your proposed location must be at least 10 kilometres when travelling by all-weather road from another
    • rural licensee retail store
    • licensee retail store
    • government liquor store
  • the proposed business must be
    • independently owned
    • in operation for at least 12 months before applying
    • a general store that is viable without the liquor licence
    • supported by residents of the community
    • supported by the local jurisdictional authority
  • the proposed business must not be dependent on non-resident customers


  • $900 application fee
    • To be paid when submitting your application
  • $900 first-year licensing fee
    • To be paid when licence is issued

The annual renewal fee is calculated based on annual liquor purchases. 

Terms and conditions

Review the Rural Licensee Retail Store Licence Terms and Conditions (PDF, 421.4KB) and guidelines for liquor advertising and promotion to understand the terms and conditions of your licence.



Check requirements for your business type

The applicant needs to submit documents based on their business type: 

The business types include:

  • Sole proprietorship
  • Private corporation
  • Partnership
  • Public corporation
  • Society or non-profit corporation
  • Other applicant types

Check below to see what's required for your business type. 

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Complete a Personal History Summary form

You must include a Personal History Summary as part of your application package.

As part of the Personal History Summary, attach the following documents, if required

Complete the Form


Gather necessary documents

Your application must include 

  • A floor plan, including
    • Any partial walls and planters
    • Areas where liquor will be stored (shelves, coolers)
    • Entrances and stairs
    • Furniture layout
    • Washrooms
    • Labels for each room
  • Sample store sign


Complete online application

Once you have gathered and prepared the necessary documents, log in to the Liquor and cannabis licensing portal using your BCeID.

Your application must include

  • Personal History Summary forms
  • A scaled floor plan
  • Proposed signage
  • Site plan
  • Payment

Once you submit your application, you will receive an application number from the LCRB.

Apply online


Get approval in principle

The Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch (LCRB) reviews your application. If everything is in order they offer an Approval in Principle.

They also send you the name and contact information of your local liquor inspector within 30 days of submitting a complete application.


Arrange a final inspection

When you are ready to open, contact your local liquor inspector for a final inspection.

If the inspection goes well, your licence will be issued.

Amend your licence

If you already have a licence and want to make changes, find out how to


Contact the client support team.

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In Canada Toll Free:

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