Set up Your New Employee

Find tips and resources that help you welcome and support a new employee.

Prepare early for a new employee to start work!

After the confirmation letter has been sent:

  • Ensure your new employee completes the required documentation listed on the new employee checklist page. If you have done your hiring through Hiring Operations, your new employee will receive the New Employee Checklist with their confirmation letter
  • If the person is new to government, provide their Social Insurance Number and date of birth  to AskMyHR with the requisition number or a copy of your offer letter
  • Submit two online Time and Leave Request forms:
    • Time & Pay Portal > Forms > Access Request. On step two enter your employee number, as you are requesting to change your access. (Access requests are only required for supervisors set up to review per employee. Supervisors set up to review per department do not require this step.)
    • Time & Pay Portal > Forms > Schedule Request. On step two enter the new employee's employee number, as you are requesting to set up their schedule. This form can only be submitted on/after the employee's first day of work.
  • Arrange for appropriate equipment and software access (for example, workstation, phone, security pass, hardware and software). Contact your ministry i-store facilities representative (if applicable)
  • Announce your new hire to staff
  • Prepare ministry specific orientation material

To view your new employee’s number in PeopleSoft, go to the Main Menu, select Manager Self Service, then Job & Personal Information and Manager Selection.

If your new employee is returning or transferring from another department, check your ministry specific guidelines or contact AskMyHR for more information.

Learn more about your new employee’s probationary period.