The first 6 months

Last updated: December 10, 2021

Finish your probation

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Your supervisor will review your progress with you at the end of 6 months. You'll also receive a letter to let you know that your probation is complete and you're officially a B.C. public servant.

Take some time at this stage to consider career development opportunities.

Sign up for optional training

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Grow your community

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Building relationships at work is key to feeling like you belong and can help you achieve results in your work.

Explore these channels for creating connections with colleagues both inside and outside of the BC Public Service:

  • Institute of Public Administration of Canada (IPAC): Meet other public sector professionals from all levels of government and join a cross-Canada organization promoting excellence in public service administration. The New Professionals group is a great way to connect with other new public servants with less than 5 years experience in the public sector
  • One Team Gov: Join a global community working together to radically reform the public sector through practical action
  • Join the Innovation in the BC Public Service team on MS Teams to connect with change makers from across the BC Public Service and access innovation resources

Using ideas at work

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See how we use the Where Ideas Work 2020 Corporate Plan for the BC Public Service to solve problems and design services:

  • Behavioural Insights: A unit in the BC Public Service Agency that applies behavioural science knowledge and methods to address public policy problems
  • Exchange Lab: A creative space where teams use technology to build a modern public service (Video)
  • DevHub: A place that brings together resources to help build digital products for the B.C. government
  • govTogetherBC: Look up all public engagement activities
  • Health Innovation Hub: A creative space at the Ministry of Health where project teams develop evidence-informed policy and other innovative solutions
  • Innovation Hub: A movement in the BC Public Service to inspire and enable employees to re-imagine their work based on the Framework for Change
  • LeanBC: A continuous improvement discipline that employees use to identify problems and create solutions
  • Service Design: A group that applies a human-centred and evidence-based approach to design better programs and services
  • Social Media Guidelines for Personal Use: Information about how to use social media properly for personal or official government purposes
  • Policy Approaches Playbook (PDF, 923KB): A comprehensive guide to help understand common approaches to achieving policy objectives
  • Accessibility and Inclusion Toolkit: Guides to support you with step-by-step instructions on how to do your work in a more inclusive way

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