The first 3 months

Last updated: January 28, 2022

Take training or attend events

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By the end of your first 3 months, you should have completed the following tasks.

Take your oath of employment. Attend a virtual session or visit your local ServiceBC centre.

Take mandatory training:

Take a survey for new employees

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Employees new to the BC Public Service and existing employees who have changed jobs within the BC Public Service receive the new job survey about 3 months after their start date.

This gives them time to get settled into their new job and work environment before completing the survey.

What to expect during probation

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Each time you start a new job in the BC Public Service, you'll work a probation period of 913 hours (about 6 months). This gives you time to adjust to the new job and demonstrate your ability to perform the work. The probation period has no bearing on your benefits eligibility.
Your supervisor will monitor your progress and should provide you with regular feedback on how you’re doing. Probation is a trial period (not a training period) and cannot be extended. While you’re on probation, you cannot apply to temporary appointments (TAs).
Wondering when your probation ends, how many hours you’ve worked or if you’ve passed probation? The first point of contact is always your supervisor.

Frequently asked questions about the probation period

Can I take vacation days?
Probation is referenced in HR policy 01 – Hiring and deployment (PDF, 171KB). Nothing in the policy prevents employees from taking vacation during the probationary period. However, as with all vacation requests, your supervisor’s approval is required.

Can I attend a medical appointment?
Yes, with the approval of your supervisor who may ask for additional information to confirm you're eligible for the leave. Appointments should be scheduled outside of your scheduled hours of work wherever possible.
Can I apply for other jobs in the BCPS while on probation?
Yes, but not temporary appointments.
Can I apply for Pacific Leaders scholarships and loan forgiveness?
No. The eligibility requirements for Pacific Leaders state that employees must have passed their initial probationary period in addition to noting other eligibility requirements.
How will I know when my probation period is over?
Your supervisor will provide you with a letter indicating you have completed your probationary period. If you think you may have completed your probation period, but have not received a letter, speak with your supervisor.
Who can I go to if I have questions or concerns about my probation?
For general questions, you may wish to review HR policy 01 – Hiring and deployment (PDF, 171KB). There are specific sections that address orientation and probation, as well as documentation reviews and requirements. You can have a conversation with your supervisor or your union or employee association representative if you have concerns. For general questions, submit a ticket to AskMyHR (IDIR restricted).
Who keeps track of my probation hours?
Time and Leave tracks probationary hours. Your supervisor may request a report. Please note MyHR is not able to provide you with the number of hours you have worked during the current pay period.

Make plans for retirement

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As a member of the Public Service Pension Plan, you're eligible for a lifetime monthly pension when you retire:

Work with a financial advisor to make plans for your retirement:

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