Managing Employee & Labour Relations in the BC Public Service

Positive employee-employer relations are vital to the well-being and success of the BC Public Service.

As a manager or supervisor in the BC Public Service, it is important that you understand the processes and procedures used to manage relationships with, and between, employees -- this is known as employee relations.

Additionally, the process for managing these relationships for people covered by collective agreements is known as labour relations.

There are a variety of tools and resources to manage relationships and work through problems with your employees.

Employment Conditions & Agreements

Find out how legislation, policies, values, conditions of employment and union collective agreements govern employment in the BC Public Service:

Managing Employee Records

Learn how to manage your employee personnel files:

Managing Relationships With Employees

Learn about setting expectations for your employees and what to do when expectations are not met:

Managing Problems With an Employee

Discover how to manage employee conduct in the workplace:

Managing Employee Health Issues at Work

Find out how to engage and support employees who have health conditions that impact their work:

Managing Mental Health Issues at Work

Promote positive mental health and get support for dealing with employees' mental health issues:

Managing Auxiliary Employees

Learn about managing auxiliary employee processes:

Managing Employees in a Unionized Environment

Understand what it means to manage unionized employees:

Leading People in the Workplace

Learn how to develop your leadership skills:

Workplace Bereavement

Get emergency support or learn what to do if you or one of your employees suffers a loss:

Tools, Resources & Support for Supervisors

Discover the many helpful resources available: